The Limerick Icon

This is our brand icon. It has been developed from our logotype, and synthesizes it in a simple graphic shape. It has a flexible nature as visualized in the icon variation section. This allows it to be used as a device that fits into different formats and layouts, as well as creating framing devices for imagery and content.

Limerick Icon

Its lines and angles have been used to reinforce our brand identity, assuring that every piece of communication we create references back to the Limerick name and logo.

The Limerick icon is a versatile and inclusive feature of the brand that can become a vehicle for artistic expression. It should be used with discretion, and always in the knowledge that the full Limerick logo is the primary brandmark. Circumstances in which it may be deployed include:

  • Extreme small spaces: such as social media profile thumbnails
  • Merchandise: as a stamp or design feature
  • Open-source participation*: people looking to positively promote the Limerick brand may at times be permitted to develop their own versions with the consent of the Limerick City and County Council

Please always adhere to our Brand Guidelines when using the Limerick icon.

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