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This project is a part of Limerick City and County Council’s Decade of Centenaries Programme. Limerick Archives took in the papers of the Wall family in 2020. Sean Wall was the chairman of Limerick City and County Council, and was also the Commanding Officer of the East Limerick Brigade. He was shot dead by the Royal Irish Constabulary in May 1921. Limerick Archives sought to mark the centenary of his death by putting together a project which would be a respectful tribute to Sean Wall, but also to his family. 

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Sean Wall (1915-1952) Sean Wall was born in 1887 and was a successful engineer and builder. He had a company called Wall and Forde which was responsible for constructing a number of creameries and formation of a number co-ops around Limerick. He was elected as Chairman of Limerick County Council in June 1920. Wall was a staunch nationalist and Republican. Some of his later colleagues surmised that he may have been a member of the Irish Republican Brotherhood prior to his election as leader of a company of Volunteers in Bruff in 1917. He also founded this company with a number of other colleagues.

Sean Wall was in touch with fellow Limerick man Con Collins who would later become a TD in the first Dáil. Collins had been working with a number of republicans in Dublin to form Volunteer companies, and Wall’s was one of the first formed outside of Dublin. The company trained throughout late 1917, and the decision was taken to merge the companies of Grange, Bruree, Dromin and Athlacca with Bruff. This Battalion was formed, and Wall was elected Commandant of the battalion. He was elected O.C. of the East Limerick Battalion, after there was a split in the support for Battalion members Liam Manahan and Paddy Hannigan When the War of Independence broke out, Wall was elected the OC of the first ‘Flying Column’ in Ireland, and its first major activities of the East Limerick Brigade was the attack on Ballylanders RIC Barracks, Doon RIC Barracks, and the attack on the Kilmallock RIC Barracks in May 1920.

Wall was seen as a masterful tactician, and a number of men under his command have said that he did all of the major organisational work in Limerick. Paddy Hannigan and Patrick Clancy formed the column, but Wall was the commandant. Sean Wall was also in charge of the Dáil Loan collection, which were bonds that were issued to help raise money for the new government from 1919-1921. Wall collected around 34 thousand pounds in these bonds. In terms of scale, the next highest amount was 16 thousand pounds raised in West Limerick. This money was used to run elections and local government duties as well as help fund any military costs associated with the Battalion. Historian Tom Toomey has asserted that it was Wall’s connections with dairy farmers via constructing creameries that was instrumental in helping raise money. Wall was also an innovator in this sector, designing butter-making and cheese-making equipment with fellow Republican Nicholas O’Dwyer.

Sean Wall’s first resolution as Limerick County Council Chairman was; “that this council pledges its allegiance to Dáll Éireann.” The resolution was passed unanimously and Limerick County Council, on this proposition of its chairman, became the first public body to pledge allegiance to Dáil Éireann. County Council meetings were held in secret, and members were only ever summoned by dispatches. After almost a year of leading Limerick County Council, and organising and facilitating attacks as Commandant of the East Limerick Battalion, Sean Wall was killed on 6 May 1921 in Annacarty while on his way with a group of IRA members to a meeting. Wall was in Dublin for a meeting the day before, and was now en route to meet forces in the east of the country, after first returning to his battalion. There are conflicting accounts of his death, but while the brigade were hiding in a farmhouse, a group of RIC forces were patrolling the roads in Annacarty which led to panic at the farm. RIC patrols in the area were infrequent, Many of Wall’s colleagues saw him run out towards the patrol, but were unsure why he did so. Wall was taken by the patrol, and while they were arresting him, one of the men in the cottage fired at the group. RIC member James Kingston was shot and killed. In retaliation, Wall was executed with a couple of shotgun blasts.

The RIC took his body, and appealed for anyone in the locality to identify and claim the corpse. Five days later, requiem mass was held for Wall, and was presided over by his brother Thomas. Sean Wall is buried in the Republican Plot in Mount Saint Lawrence Cemetery.


Fr. Tom Wall

Thomas Wall was born in January 1878, and was as instrumental in Limerick’s history as his brother Sean. Thomas attended secondary school in Bruff, before joining a classical school held by the Roman Catholic priests. He then went to diocesan college in Limerick. He spent two years in Maynooth to become a priest, and completed his studies for the priesthood in Rome in 1901 at the Irish College. After his ordination, he became a teacher in College Mainchín, or St. Munchin’s. In 1909 he became curate at Dromcollogher. From his time as a teacher until his appointment in Dromcollogher, Fr. Tom became heavily influenced by the Gaelic Revival movement, and became a staunch nationalist. He was elected as president of the Limerick branch of Conradh na Gaeilge.

After the formation of the Irish Volunteers, Fr. Tom rallied support around the parish in 1913, and helped establish what was to be the second unit formed outside of Dublin. He formed the branch with his friend Charles Wall. Charles Wall became Commandant after the formation of the branch. He also raised money for weapons to be purchased for this unit. During this period, he helped establish the vocational college in Kilkee, (originally College Cory, which is now St. Joseph’s Community College) and set up a number of branches of the Gaelic League across Limerick. By 1916, most of the main figures within the Catholic Church in Limerick were disillusioned by Ireland’s participation in the First World War, and were very much leaning towards nationalism as a morally just cause.

After the executions of the leaders of the 1916 Rising, General Sir John Maxwell wrote to Bishop Edward T O’Dwyer asking for him to discipline both Fr. Tom and Fr. Michael Hayes who had been supporting and organising Irish Volunteer forces. The Bishop replied, and sent the letter to a number of newspapers. He condemned Maxwell’s repressive measures as “wantonly cruel and oppressive” and told him that ‘personally, I regard your action with horror…. Your regime has been one of the blackest chapters in the history of the misgovernment of this country.’ This only drew more support for Fr. Tom, and he continued to support the Republican cause as much as he could. He raised funds, and continued to rally more people to join the movement. On at least one occasion, he took the last confession of men who were to be executed as spies after being courtmartialled by the IRA during the War of Independence.

Fr Tom was transferred to Foynes in 1922, and set up another branch of the Gaelic League there. He was a supporter of the arts, and would often help local playwrights and authors through funding via the Gaelic League. He organised pilgrimages which were Irish-only, and any pilgrims had to speak in Irish for the duration of the trip. In 1930, he was sent to Stonehall, before finally being transferred to Ballingarry. In 1936, he became a Canon, and passed away in October 1958.

Bill Wall

William Wall was born in March 1883. William was raised in Bruff, and was the main member of the household by 1911. He became heavily involved in the nationalist cause like his other two brothers, and engaged in a number of operations with the East Limerick Brigade. P120/ He was a participant in the attack on Knocklong Barracks, and the ambush at Lackelly, as well as the attack on Grange Barracks. In 1921, he was taken hostage by the Black and Tan forces for 18 days, and they used him as protection when they went on patrol around the county. Bill Wall was regarded as an explosives expert, and during the January 1920 attack on Murroe Barracks, he constructed a mine that was to be used to breach the walls of the Barracks. It is possible that he made the bombs used in the Doon and Ballylanders attacks.

According to many of the men in the East Limerick Battalion, William was a fine soldier, and was often entrusted with passing messages and despatches from his brother Sean. He would be the one trusted to carry out orders to the different companies, as well as help fundraise for the IRA. In 1926, William married Mary Kennedy. He died in 1961, and his funeral was attended by representatives of the President and Taoiseach of the time, Eamonn De Valera and Sean Lemass, respectively.

Mary and Frank Wall

Mary Wall was born in February 1880. She had the same passion for education that her brother Tom had, and was in one of the first classes at Mary Immaculate College where she qualified to become a teacher. She had a teaching job in Kanturk, but she was forced to leave her role due to her family’s nationalist outlook and political beliefs. She had to move away to get another job, and she had to commute. She had four children, and her job allowed her to support her family despite the travelling. Frank Wall was born in September 1884. He moved to America in the early 1900s, and his brother William soon followed him for a short period, although they were both in different parts of the United States. Francis found it difficult to settle in the United States. Fr. Tom wrote to Francis asking him to return home, but Francis stayed in the US.

Until his death, William Wall was a member of the committee of the Bruff IRA Memorial, and of the Limerick 1916 Memorial Committee. Fundraising for a statue to the IRA began in the mid 1920s, and continued for almost 30 years, before a statue was built in the town of Bruff. The records in the Wall family, who spearheaded the fundraising, show that thousands of people had contributed to the building and commissioning of the statue. The statue was officially unveiled in 1952 by Sean T O’Kelly, 21 years after the initial designs were drawn up. It was designed by Albert Power, and carved by Leo Broe. The inscription to plinth reads: 'Óglaigh na hEireann/This monument was erected in memory of Brigadier Sean Wall, Bruff, Officer Commanding, East Limerick Brigade, Irish Republican Army who was killed in action against the enemy at Annacarty, Co. Tipperary, 6th May 1921, and Martin Conway, Capt., 2.1.C. 3rd Battalion, John Quinlan, Company Lieutenant, Grange Coy., Eamonn Moloney, Volunteer Grange Coy., Daniel Sheehan, Volunteer, Grange Coy., Henry Wade, Volunteer, Ballyneety Coy., The five were killed in action against enemy forces at Caherguillamore 27th December 1920 and each volunteer of the East Limerick Brigade and every other volunteer who fought for the Irish Republic. Casain do Shaoirse a Eire.'

Arrangement Note: The Collection was acquired in two parts and the final arrangement reflects this.

P120/ Sean Wall War of Independence (1915-1922)

1. c. 1914 Irish Volunteers Auxiliary enrolment forms; ‘If you cannot drill with the Irish Volunteers join the Irish Volunteers Auxiliary’. 2 items. Online

2. 1916 File containing Notice for Special Mobilisation of the Irish Citizen Army; ‘All ranks will parade at Liberty Hall with full equipment on Sunday at 3.30. Includes a notice to all volunteers of the Dublin Brigade requiring all officers and men to attend Battalion Parades; ‘absentees will be automatically suspended’. 2 items. Online

3. 1916-1918 Pamphlet ‘To The Irish People’ opposing conscription to the British Army; ‘Conscription is not quiet dead yet. England wants the Irish Harvests’. 1p. Online 

4. c.1920 Photograph of Sean Wall in uniform. 4 x 6 inches. Online

5. January 1921 Copy extract of newspaper article reporting the death of Sean Wall, chairman of Limerick County Council. 1 item. Online

6. 12 May 1921 Letter of condolence from Reverend T. Dunne to Mrs Bridget Wall expressing his condolences on the death of her husband, ‘Dear Madam. I am the priest that attended after your poor husband was shot and I wish to offer my sympathy. He describes the scene. ‘ the police treated your husband’s body with every respect’. 2 items. Online

7. 11 May 1921-26 May 1921 File of letters from T Dunne to Fr Tom Wall concerning the death of Sean Wall; ‘I made enquiries into the matter and am quite satisfied that your brother was not killed by police fire’, p1. He writes that he also wrote to Mrs Wall ‘but I hope it was not delivered as it wd{sic} be too great a shock in her condition’. 2 items Online

8. 28 May 1921- 25 January 1922 Series of letters from Bridget Wall, the Hill, Bruff to Fr. Tom Wall, Broadford, Charleville, County Cork, written in the wake of the death of Sean Wall.’ I am feeling a good deal better and was at mass on Sunday’, 28 May 1921. Includes mainly daily news 10 items. Online

9. 6 May 1921 Lock of Sean Wall’s hair contained in a small case labelled ‘Intention Book’. The case is labelled ‘1 Nov 1920 to 27 Oct 1921’ Includes a newspaper extract ‘Brigadier Sean Wall of Bruff’. 2 items

10. c.1910-1920 Set of three images of large groups of men walking and following a musical band 3 items Memorial and Commemoration (1944-2000) Online

11. c.1923 Published appeal from the Committee of the Limerick Republican Graves Fund to ‘Limerick men and women in America’ for a contribution towards the fund, to ‘ honour the last resting place of these Limerick dead’ with a memorial in Mount St Lawrence cemetery. 3pp. Online

12. 9 October 1944- 12 October 1952 Subscribers List and Account Book for a memorial to Sean Wall’ and his comrades of the 3rd Battalion, East Limerick Brigade I.R.A. Register contains columns listing receipt number, name, address, subscription, Church Gate Subscriptions and Total. Includes a subscription of £5 from Madge Daly, c/o Eamon Dore, William Street, Limerick. c.70pp  

13. April 1957 Copy of Public Appeal for subscriptions to a Memorial fund, ‘to discharge a debt of honour to their civic leaders who fell in the fight for freedom’, published by the Limerick Memorial Committee. 7pp Online

14. 1984-2000 File of newspaper extracts relating to the commemoration of Sean Wall’s death. c. 7 items. Online

15. 29 May 1982 File of photographs with a cover letter concerning the unveiling of the memorial to Sean Wall, and Bruff IRA. Photographs show groups at the base of the memorial. 10 items. Online

16. 5 January 1971-20 February 1971 File of letters relating to the Limerick Memorial Committee’s planned unveiling of a memorial at O’ Callaghan Strand to commemorate the dead of the 1916 Rising and the commemoration of the deaths of Michael O’Callaghan, George Clancy and Joseph O Donoghue. Includes a letter Mayor of Limerick, John Liddy to Father Gerry Wall inviting him to attend a meeting in the Mayor’s Office to discuss arrangements. (25 January 1971, 1p). Includes a letter from Mainichin Seoige to Fr Gerry Wall concerning a script for a lecture. c. 12 items Online

17. 8 February 1971 Notice from Joseph P. Liddy, Mayor of Limerick concerning a planned event to commemorate all ‘men of Limerick city and county who died in the War of Independence’. 2 items. Online

18. 1971 Photograph of Eamon De Valera with members of the Wall Family. The caption at the rear reads; ‘At special mass in St John’s Cathedral to honour Limerick Civic Leaders. Monument unveiled later at {sic} statue at Sarsfield Bridge by Rev. G.Wall’. I item. Online

19. 15 January 2001 File of loose material relating to the Bruff IRA Memorial . Includes a list of possible members of the Memorial Committee and notice of meeting to committee members. Online

20. 1999-2012 Newspaper articles commemorating Sean Wall and the Murdered Mayors of Limerick. Fr Thomas Canon Wall (1925-1956) War of Independence Online

21. 1915-1918 Printed letters including a letter from Dr. Edward O’Dwyer, Bishop of Limerick; ‘Ireland: Emigration and the War’. ‘The treatment which the poor Irish emigrant lads have received in Liverpool is enough to make any Irishman’s blood boil with anger…..This war may be just or unjust, but any fair minded man will admit that it is England’s war not Ireland’s.’(p1, 10 November 1915). Includes a public letter by Charles Kenny, ‘English Horrors in Irish Jails’. 2 items Online

22. August 1921 Printed ‘Correspondence relating to the Proposals Of His Majesty’s Government For An Irish Settlement’. Includes printed letters from Eamon de Valera with replies from Prime Minster David Lloyd George and a letter from General Smuts of South Africa. 10pp Online

23. 25 February 1956 Newspaper extract reporting death of Rev. Thomas Wall, ‘one of the bravest and most patriotic of Irish priests. His love for the language of Ireland was intense’. I item Online

24. Undated Set of four postcard with images of Commandant Mckeown, Dick Mulcahy and Jim O’Callaghan, Superior General, St Joseph’s Foreign Missionary College, Kilkenny 4 items P120/ Family Correspondence

25. 15 August 1911 Letter from John Woods, 257 Lafayette Street, New York to {Fr Tom Wall] writing of family news and inviting Tom to visit America’ you must have many friends who would give you a warm welcome’, p3 4pp

26. 28 January 1915-24 September 1921 File of letters to Fr. Tom Wall letter from John Lynch, Troy, New York containing news of friends and family. ‘James Keefe got married last November he got a very nice wife’.(sic) Includes transfer of property to Diocesan Trustees. 3 items

27. 1 September 1923-30 January 1924 File of correspondence relating to Frank Wall, West Virginia, United States of America and his brother Fr. Thomas Wall; Frank writes to Tom concerning his arrest and illness in jail ,’ I am held as a witness on two hundred dollar bond and have no money or friends’, 1 September 1923, p2. Includes letters from the Sheriff’s Office, Hancock Office, West Virginia concerning bond for his release and with Fr A.D McSwiggan concerning Frank’s welfare, ‘He is not drinking now and I am so glad’. ( 21 November 1923, p1) Includes a letter from Fr. Tom Wall to Frank Wall urging him ‘ again very earnestly to make up your mind to return to Ireland at one….I can promise you a good constant job in Limerick’. (23 January 1924, p1) c.24 items

28. Undated Bundle of newspaper extracts relating to the death of William Wall, brother of Sean Wall. Includes an article on the unveiling of a plaque to Fr Tom Wall in Foynes, County Limerick. Includes copy of blank memorandum from Wall & Ford, Artesian Wall Borers and General Engineers, Bruff. 5 items Research Material: Placenames, history

29. 28 April 1925-22 February 1944 File of letters and notes received by Fr. Tom Wall. Includes a notice of meeting of the Thomond Archaeological Society. Also includes a list of Limerick electoral divisions with Irish translation and a letter concerning the translation of various place names; Includes letter from Drombanna Co-operative Creamery dated 28 April 1925 concerning a memorial to four volunteers ‘all of whom lost their lives, as a result of a conflict between their section of Volunteers and Crown forces on May 1st 1921’, p1 28 April P120/ 1925; Includes a letter from the National Museum of Ireland written in Irish concerning Irish place names including in particular Foynes. 12 items

30. 1945 File containing a copy of a photograph of Maynooth College Sesquicentenary 1795-1945, College Staff 1945, a pastoral letter from Edward Thomas, Bishop of Limerick concerning the war, ‘’ we are assured that Germany must yield through sheer exhaustion. What sign is she showing of it?” , p11; Includes a Panegyric delivered by Most Rev, Michael Gogarty, Bishop of Killaloe at the months Mind of the dead Prelate in St. John’s Cathedral, Limerick 18 th September 1917. 2 items

31. Undated Notebook’ Philip’s Collection with notes in Irish, English and Latin 5pp Canon Gerard Wall (1985-1998)

32. 20 January 1936-c. 1995 File relating to Canon Gerry Wall as parish priest in Kilmallock. 7 items

33. 1999 File relating to Canon Gerry Wall including a photograph and a letter to Fr Wall from John G Hassett ‘ I was pleased and honoured to have a part to play in paying an overdue tribute to your late father and his comrades for their noble role in the struggle for Irish Freedom’. 2 items

34. 1985-1997 File of ms notes and reference material relating to Fr Gerry Wall research for sermons. Topics include on sexual morality ‘ necessary to keep our thoughts on proper lines & necessary to guard our affections& desires’, lists of people to thank, his thoughts on Canon Hayes, and extensive notes on St Patrick; ‘As in the case of his Devine Master, Patrick’s early years are wrapped around with a mantle of obscurity’. . Includes a pamphlet, ‘ To care for the Earth, a call to new theology, 1986 and a pamphlet on the Eucharist by Raymond Topley; includes a copy of a sermon for a mass commemorating General Michael Collins and General Liam Lynch, ‘it is good to know that the sacrifices these great men made are not forgotten’. c. 30 items Bridget Wall and Maura Wall (1921-1989)

35. 1921-c. Birth certificate and photograph of Bridget Wall, daughter of Sean and Bridget Wall 2 items

36. 8 September 1924-19 November 1965 File containing a copy of a birth certificate for Bridget Gobnait Wall, born, 19 April 1913, daughter of John Wall and Bridget Wall. Includes note from Reverend John Conway certifying that John Wall and Brigid Wall were married on 23 February 1923 in Bruff Co Limerick and that Bridget Gobnait Wall was baptised on 22 April 1913. Includes warrant for payment of a savings certificate issued to Bridget Wall (19 November 1965). 4 items

37. 1989 Newspaper extract with an article on Maura Wall – Murphy and her role with the Family Mediation Service. I item Family Photographs

38. Undated c, 1920 Copy of a family photograph taken outside a house. 1 item

39. c.1920 Set of photographs of small scenes in Limerick 5 items

40. c.1910-1920 Set of family photographs, including one of a large family dinner outside 5 items

41. File of reference material concerning family geneology. c.50 items

42. 1950-1980 Correspondence of Fr. Wall, including letters from people thanking him for the efforts made to commemorate Irish Republicans who died in the War of Independence 20 pcs

43. c.1960-2010 Files and articles on Sean Wall, along with a number of contemporary newspaper clippings 6pcs

44. c.1970s Religious material written by Fr. Wall, including ’10 commandments’ letters, which outline new religious laws for the purification of modern Ireland 30 pcs

45. c.2000s File on the history of the Wall family, and a genealogical report on the family tree 70 pcs

46. c.1980-2000s Videos in relation to Sean Wall, and the wider Wall family, including a documentary on Irish republicanism 4 pcs

47. c.1950s Religious pin 1 pc

48. c.1950s Medal 1 pc

49. Asian stress balls belonging to the Walls 2 pcs


Library of material of Fr. Wall, ranging from the writings of Padraig Pearse to plays written by local playwrights

50. c. 1927 Lisheen, The Test of the spirits. By P.A. Canon Sheehan 1 pc

51. c.1904 Bolg An tSolátair 1 pc

52. c.1920 ‘The Gaol Gate’, by Lady Gregory 1 pc

53. c.1930s St. Patrick’s Forgotten Shrine 1 pc

54. c. 1930s ‘Notes for Pilgrims’ by T de B 1 pc

55. c.1909 ‘The Troth’, by Rutherford Mayne 1 pc

56. c.1920s ‘An Bealac buide’ by T Wall 1 pc

57. c.1911 ‘Birthright’, by TC Murray 1 pc

58. c.1956 ‘My Hat Blew Off’ by John D Sheridan 1 pc

59. c. 1950s ‘Stage Costume’, by Margot Lister 1 pc

60. c.1960s ‘Best Irish Jokes’ by Tony Butler 1 pc

61. c.1992 Booklet on wedding mass 1 pc

62. c.1937 ‘Cluicí gearra’ by Mairéad ní Gráda 1 pc

63. c. 1910s Iosagán by Padraig Pearse 1 pc

64. c.1916 ‘The Separatist idea’ by Padraig Pearse 1 pc

65. c.1910s Na babóga by Siúr M. Filimíne 1 pc 

66. c. 1968 Marrying Mary by JK Lyons 1 pc

67. c.1940s Toradh na Troda by MacShane and Johnson 1 pc

68. c.1920s On The Run by Michael John McCarthy 1 pc

69. c.1908 An Comrac by Padraig O’Domnallám 1 pc

70. c.1950s ‘Handbook of the Irish Army’ 1 pc

71. c.1920s ‘Notes for Pilgrims’ 1 pc

72. c.1945 ‘Oliver of Ireland’ by Brian O’Higgins 1 pc

73. c.1917 ‘Knocknagow’ by RG Walshe 1 pc

74. c.1912 ‘Family Failing’ by William Boyle 1 pc

75. c.1950s Humour and Variety magazine 1 pc

76. c.1920 ‘Ceol ár sinsear’ by Gearoid Wall 1 pc

77. c.1940s A Catalogue of 16.M.M Sound and silent films, by the National Film Library 1 pc

78. c. 1940s ‘The Rising of the Moon’. by Lady Gregory 1 pc

79. c.1907 ‘The Eloquent Dempsey’ by William Boyle 1 pc

80. c.1916 ‘Between Two Stools’ by Thomas Kelly 1 pc

81. c.1920s ‘Paterson’s Choice Readings’ 1 pc

82. c.1970 ‘Best Irish Limericks’ by Tony Butler 1 pc

83. c. 1938 ‘Teac I n-airde’ by Sinead de Valera 1 pc

84. c.1950s ‘The Lord Mayor’ by Edward McNulty 1 pc

85. c.1900s ‘The Burglar and the Judge’ by FC Philips 1 pc  


Wall Family Photographs (1920-1975)

86. 6 May 1921 Photograph of the late Sean Wall with a bandaged torso and gunshot wound. 3 x 4 inches

87. 1952 President Sean T. O’ Kelly addressing a large group of schoolgirls [at Bruff Convent]. 3 x 5 inches

88. 1952 At the unveiling of a memorial to Sean Wall in Bruff in 1952. Seated in the front rom are President Sean T. O’ Kelly, Fr Gerry Wall and Mrs Mary Wall.

89. c.1970 Formal handing over of a painting of Brigade Commandant Sean Wall to Sarsfield Barracks, Limerick. From left to right: Fr. Gerard Wall, Col Walter McNicholas, Major J.G.O’Dwyer, Comdt. Noel Walsh and Captain Michael Madden. The painting is by Jack B.O’ Donovan, Limerick School of Art.

90. c.1920 Photograph of Bill Wall’s motor car with Limerick registration TI 2225. A woman is standing behind the car. 3 x 4 inches

91. c.1930 Scene of a well drilling on a farm with a horse and cart filled with barrels in the background. A man stands on the cart. Well drilling machinery and apparatus are in place in the foreground. A man in working clothes and boots two men in suits oversee the process. Bill Wall is to the right of picture. 3 x 4 inches

92. c.1910-1915 Photograph on card of recently ordained Fr. Tom Wall, taken in Rome by G. Felicie ‘ Stabilimento fotographico’. 5 x 4 inches

93. 3 February 1956 Mortuary Card for Fr. Tom Wall. Text written in Irish. 4 x 3 inches

94. February 1956 Photograph of the late Fr Tom Wall lying in repose. 4 x 6 inches

95. 1923 Photograph of Eileen Wall, Mrs Brigid Wall and Maura Wall. 4 x 3 inches Slightly torn

96. c.1926 Photograph of Gerard Wall, Mrs Brigid Wall, Mary Anne Harty (Mrs Cremins) and Maura Wall. 6 x 4 inches Slightly torn with some foxing.

97. c. 1940 Graduation photograph of Eileen Wall, wearing gap and gown and holding a scroll. 10 x 8 inches

98. c.1960 Photograph of Maura Wall as a postulant nun, taken in a garden. P120/ 3 x 4 inches

99. c.1950 Photograph of Maura Wall, [Sr. Donalita] daughter of Sean Wall, working as a radiographer in St. John’s Hospital, taken in the fling room of an X ray department 4 x 3 inches

100. c.1940 Photograph of Gobnait Wall, (Kelly), Minnie Wall and Maura Wall taken in Kilkee, sitting on a window ledge. Gobnait and Maura are wearing similar dresses and coats. 3 x 2 inches

101. c. 1950 Maura Wall, standing beside a motor car at a height with landscape falling away behind her. 3 x 2 inches

102. c.1950 Fr Gerard Wall 5 x 4 inches

103. c.1950 Group photograph of extended Wall family at Fr. Sean O Hanlon’s ordination party. Front row Lt. to Rt. x Cannon Tom Wall, Fr Sean O Hanlon, Mr. Tim O Hanlon, Fr. Gerard Wall , Bill Wall; 2nd. Row Lt. To Rt. X Mrs. Bridgid Wall, x,x,x,x, Gobnait Wall(Sean’s daughter) Gobnait Wall( Bill’s daughter)3rd. Row Lt to Rt Mrs Minnie Wall (Bill’s wife) 8 x 10 inches

104. June 1947 Photograph of female members of the Wall family sitting on a bench in a garden. Caption at the rear states ‘Lisdoonvarna June 1947’. Mrs Bridget Wall is seated second on the left. 3 x 4 inches

105. June 1947 Group photograph with some of Wall family women and Mary Pierce, housekeeper. See also P102/104 3 x 4 inches  Wedding of Gobnait Wall (Bill’s daughter ) and Jerry Kelly in 1953

106. 1953 Group photograph taken at the wedding of Gobnait Wall (Bill’s daughter) and Jerry Kelly in 1953 3 x 4 inches

107. 1953 Group photograph taken at the wedding of Gobnait Wall and Jerry Kelly in 1953. See also P120/106 and P120/108 3 x 4 inches

108. 1953 Family photograph taken at the wedding of Gobnait Wall and Jerry Kelly. 8 x 10 inches

109. 13 September 1961 Mortuary card for Bill Wall, died 13th September 1961 aged, 78 years. 1 item

110. 29 November 1977 Mortuary card for Gobnait Wall, Bruff, Co. Limerick, died 29th November 1977 1 item

111. c.1975 Colour photograph of Minnie (Mary) Wall and her daughter Maura who entered the Medical Missionaries of Mary in 1952 photo, taken in Kilkee, Co. Clare. 4 x 6 inches

112. c. 1975 Colour photograph of Mary Wall leaning against a low wall with the beach and sea in the background. See also P120/111 and P120/113 6 x 4 inches  

113. c.1975 Colour photograph of the Wall family at the beach. Includes Mary Wall and children with fishing nets 5 x 5 inches

114. 1971 Colour photograph of Gobnait Wall ( Kelly) with her husband, Gerry Kelly and eleven children. See also

115 4 x 6 inches 115. 2 December 2006 Newspaper extract with an article on Gobnait Kelly (Wall) detailing her life growing up in Limerick, education at boarding school, FCJ Convent in Bruff, marriage to Gerry Kelly, management of their family business, a supermarket on William Street, Limerick and her involvement in acting and multiple activities. I item Sean Wall Death and Commemoration (1911-1968)

116. 22 February 1911- 14 October 1968 File of material relating to the award of an army pension to Bridget Wall, the Hill, Bruff includes an award certificate allowing an annual allowance owing to widowhood for Thomas, Gerard, Bridget, Ellen and Mary payable from the 1 April 1922. Includes copies of a death certificate for John Wall ( Sean) and a marriage certificate for John Wall and Bridget Quinlan to support the application. 5 items

117. 2 July 1914-6 December 1921 File of material relating to the purchase of a Rotary Piston Pump from Carl Enke, Schkeuditz, Leipzig Germany by Wall and Ford. Incudes a letter J.W. (Sean Wall) ‘ we are pleased to accept your term and enclose a cheque £20 which we hope you will find in order’, 2 July 1914, 1p. Includes letters from Brigid Wall, signed ‘Brigid, bhean do Seán de Bhall’ to Fr.Tom Wall on dealing with the request for payment for the balance owing from the German firm and a letter from A. Saville, the Solicitors Department, The Clearing Office, London to the Rev. Thomas Wall advising that a proposal for settlement of a portion of the debt is not acceptable as ‘ Under the provisions of the Treaty of Peace the British and German Governments respectively guarantee payment of the debts of their nationals ( except in cases of pre-war insolvency) and to prevent loss falling on the Exchequer, the Controller has no option but to require payment of the full amount of the debt and Treaty interest theron’, (5 December 1921, 1p) 16 items P120/

118. 9 October 1944-11 October 1944 File relating to the erection of a memorial in Bruff to Brigade Commandant Sean Wall. Includes a statement of account for ‘Wall and Comrades Memorial fund’, listing income and expenses with the majority of the income totalling 1681.14.6 from subscriptions and dances. Includes a copy of a printed call for subscriptions, calling on ‘ the admirers of the above and in particular the generation who are now enjoying the fruits of their sacrifice, for funds to erect a suitable memorial at Bruff to the memory of the late Brigade Commandant Sean Wall and his comrades of the 3rd Battalion of the East Limerick Brigade who fell in the fight for Irish Freedom’, (undated, 1p) . Includes a memorandum by Fr. Gerard Wall ‘ Answers to Questionnaire for Bruff Monument & also others in Co. Limerick’. The documents list the members of the committee, when the idea was first mooted, how it took to gather the funding, noting that the site was given by Limerick Count Council and the architects was ‘ Mr Sheehan of Limerick city who gave his services free of charge, (p1) ‘ The soldier figure was the idea of the Committee. The figure represents a member of the East Limerick Flying Column (The idea of a Flying Column originated in East Limerick). The members of the Brigade came together to carry out a certain engagement and then dispersed and were back at their ordinary work next day. This is why they were called a ‘Flying Column’; notes also that the Jack Shanhan Building Contractor, Bruff was responsible for the erection of the statue and his son Joe, stood as a model for the proposed figure, photographed with peak cap turned back, wearing a trench coat with left hand pointing to the north and right hand holding a revolver. Notes also that the model was sculpted using Portland stone by Leo Broe in Dublin. Includes notes on other memorials in Limerick. See also P120/12 4 items Property under the Land Commission (1893-1947)

119. 25 March 1893-6 June 1947 File of legal material relating to property, including the transfer by agreement of property to Bridget Harty in 1893, the payment of interest by Mary Cremins to the Irish Land Commissions , a Certificate of Market Value in relation to the property of the late Mrs Cremins and a land Registry Indenture assigning the property described in folio 6331 to Gobnait Wall and Gerard Wall. Includes Citation to Show Cause and Order for Publication and Service issued by the Surrogate’s Court, County of Rensselare, New York relating to the estate of John Lynch and settlement of the estate with next of kin as persons of interest who live outside the state; Kate O’ Keefe, Bruree Co. Limerick, Thomas Wall, Foynes, County Limerick, William Wall, Frank Wall, Mary Wall Hanlon, Gobnait Wall, Tomas Wall, Eileen Wall, Gerard Wall, Maire Wall. 19 items Fr.

Tom Wall Diary (1919-1920)

120. 1 May 1919-20 April 1920 Diary of Fr. Tom Wall written in ms. Gaelic daily account of travel and engagements. c. 62 pp Online

 Canon Gerard Wall (1917-1995)

121. 12 May 1917-1995 File relating to Canon Gerry Wall; includes a copy of his birth and baptismal certificate, a letter to his uncle; ‘ I know you will be disappointed to hear that I have bought a car but you will be glad to hear that I got a very good bargain. It is a Baby Ford’ (11 March 1946, 30pp); Includes a ms copy letter from Canon Hayes, Muintir na Tíre, Memorial Hall, Effin, Co Limerick to the Minister of Local Government, requesting that a public water supply be provided to the people and district, listing the communication with Limerick County Council, the issue of cost and the offer to assist with voluntary labour (undated, 2pp). Includes parish notes and notes for sermons. c.17 items

122. 1895-19 July 200 File relating mainly to the maintenance of the Republican Plot in Mount St Lawrence cemetery and Fr Canon Wall’s efforts to appoint trustees. Includes a receipt for a burial plot in Mount Saint Lawrence, 16 items Fr Seán O’ Hanlon ( 1950-1978)

123. c.1950- February 1978 Group photograph. Fr Seán O’ Hanlon is first in the back row sitting on a wall. Includes a newspaper extract on the death of Fr O’ Hanlon, his work in the parish of Athea and his work with the mentally ill in particular. 2 items Additional Material

124. Bundle of miscellaneous newspaper extracts.

125. c.1920-1950 Two sets of gramophone records