Z-We-Ton (Dooradoyle)

  • Z-We-Ton (Castletroy) 810 x 456

Z-We-Ton (Dooradoyle) will be open for takeaway service from 2pm Phone 061 300888 to place your order.

Take shelter under the wooden pagoda or get a feel of the Asian urban set up of Z-WE-TON in Raheen. At the centre of a popular area and two minutes from the Crescent Shopping Centre, this is the perfect venue to accommodate a savoury break or host a successful party.

Step into a Z-WE-TON restaurant and find yourself welcomed in a busy noodle shop of Kowloon, a cosy tearoom of Nagoya, or a popular restaurant in Nong Khai. We have seized the delicacy of the Far East and conveyed it into three different locations in Limerick. Invite yourself to a refreshing journey and experience our innovative Asian fusion cuisine!

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