Marc Silhavy

Manager, Sales Analytics | IBM Global Business Services | Somers, New York, USA

Marc Silhavy is a senior Sales Analytics Manager and Certified Executive Project Manager for IBM Global Services. He manages a team developing and supporting applications including mobile apps, analytic predictors and large scale data transformations empowering IBM's Sales teams. Previous experiences include helping found IBM’s internal Business Analytics Center of Competency, development of IBM’s Intellectual Property & Licensing patent system, and enhancing IBM’s internal homepage and search engine. He received a Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematical Sciences from The Johns Hopkins University and a Master’s of Business Administration in Information Technologies from the New York University. Mr. Silhavy lived and worked for 2.5 years in Bratislava as senior manager leading, growing and integrating local teams with the worldwide team. His interests are in agile development practices and incorporating the DevOps approach into the historical portfolio to accelerate deployment cycles to match the pace of the business. In his free time, he enjoys playing with his 3 boys, gardening and hiking.