The Hunt Museum from Home

  • Best Costume Goes to.. Exhibition at the Hunt Museum (Pic Justin Gawke)
Best Costume Goes To… Exhibition at the Hunt Museum, in collaboration with ICAP. (Pic: Justin Gawke)

Although its doors may be closed for now because of Coronavirus, The Hunt Museum has found some great ways to engage and entertain us from the comfort of our homes. From virtual tours to resources for family entertainment, Museum from Home has something for everyone, bringing you tons of exciting, cultural and educational content!

Entwined in the Fabric

Costume worn by Liam Nesson as Michael Collins (Pic Brendan Walsh)
Michael Collins- Costume worn by Liam Neeson as Michael Collins. (Photographer: Brendan Walsh)

Entwined in the Fabric is an online accompaniment to the Best Costume Goes To… exhibition which was held in the Hunt Museum from 8th February until it closed to the public on 12th March.

This online exhibit explores the inventive and varied techniques used by costume designers and makers, from research on the period, to the sourcing of materials and the ageing or enhancing of a costume. Click here to view the exhibit on the Hunt Museum website.

Best Costume Goes To... Virtual Tour

Sit back and be taken into the world of Costume Design and film with this special virtual tour as part of the Best Costume Goes To… exhibition in association with the Irish Costume Archive Project. The virtual tour is presented by a collection of our docents. 

Costume Design at Home

Hunt Museum Costume Design for families
Capture Hunt Museum Costume Design for families

Learn to work as a team of costume designers for fictional characters who lived in historic Limerick during the Viking, Medieval, and Georgian periods. Take inspiration from the Best Costume Goes To… virtual tour. Let your imaginations run wild!

This at-home activity includes discussion topics, learning resources, and activities for you to learn about the work of a costume designer as well as a printable document containing costume and paper doll templates. Print off, cut out, and start designing your own costumes!

The Hunt Museum Colouring Book

The Hunt Museum Colouring Book

The Hunt Museum have designed a series of colouring books based on the objects throughout the museum collection to help keep you and your family busy during the next few weeks. Click here to download your very own colouring book from The Hunt Museum website! 

Jigsaw Puzzle

Hunt Museum Jigsaw Puzzle

A series of six different puzzles are available to complete here on the Hunt Museum website as part of The Three Muses programme. Click on the jigsaw pieces to move them into place to reassemble the image. Each puzzle is increasing in difficulty. Why not complete them all!

Make & Do Crafts

A collection of craft based hands-on activities using everyday materials found around the home. The videos are easy to understand and suitable for all ages. Click here for more on The Hunt Museum website.

Collection in a Minute

In a series of one minute clips, docents of the Hunt Museum discuss their selected object from the collection which they found most significant and its history. Click here for more.

Of Nursing and Knighthood - The Order of Malta Exhibition

Matese-Cross Order of Malta Exhibition

In 2018 the Order of Malta Limerick celebrated 70 years of service. As part of the celebrations, the Hunt Museum held an exhibition called Of Nursing and Knighthood. 

Tom Hanley, a member of the Order of Malta for 50 years, and Naomi O’Nolan, Head of Exhibitions and Collections at The Hunt Museum, discuss the exhibition. Video courtesy of Cian Reinhardt, Limerick Post.


Sybil Connolly (1921-1998) was a fashion designer who is renowned for creating haute couture from Irish textiles. She used materials such as finely pleated handkerchief linen, delicate crochet lace and durable Irish tweed to create designs that were inspired by Irish people, traditions and culture.

Sybil Connelly exhibition 810x456

Dubbed by the media as 'Dublin’s Dior', Sybil was truly a pioneering designer and was one of the first Irish fashion designers to have international success. 

A huge archive of Sybil Connolly's fashion and interior designs are now part of the museum collection which led to a vibrant exhibition in 2018 showcasing her career. You can explore this collection - her sketchbooks, her fashion creations which include short audio descriptions, and her interior designs on the Hunt Museum website, click here.