L.A.C.E. - History and Heritage Strand

The History & Heritage Strand of L.A.C.E represents the shared interests of local groups, societies, bodies, institutions and individuals in promoting and celebrating the rich heritage of Limerick city and county.

King Johns Castle, Limerick

Limerick’s history goes back to Ptolemy’s map if 150AD and the city as a Viking settlement in 812. The events and milestones of Limerick today is our history of tomorrow.

We want to promote Limerick through her unique history as a cultural tourist destination. To connect with the millions of people who claim Limerick ancestry with many returning to Limerick year after year to retrace their family trace.

Our strand is open to both professionals and amateur historians from the staff in our museums, libraries, secondary school history teachers, third level history lecturers to those in our local history societies who volunteer their time and knowledge to keep their local folklore and histories alive for the next generation.

We wish to continue the pride of the people of Limerick in their manufacturing traditions, our markets, agricultural practices, pagan and religious customs, sports, folklore, politics, records, architecture, photography and writings.

We were formerly known as the History & Heritage pillar created during the lead in period to Limerick City of Culture 2014.

If you wish for us to promote your event please contact us on Facebook facebook.com/LimerickHistory2020 and Twitter @Limerickh7h.