L.A.C.E. - Film Strand

The Limerick Arts and Culture Film Strand works and lobbies with the other strands on behalf of our members to improve representation with outside organisations, secure better facilities for our members, to inform our members of opportunities in Ireland filmwise and help our members in the process of filmmaking. Most of all we are passionate about film.

Film in Limerick

Limerick has a vast and creative community of filmmakers all devotedly practising their craft. We strive to aid and promote this community in any way we can.

If you have any film production taking place or want to promote your film with pictures, newspaper articles and/or press releases or if you are crowd-funding or a film festival looking for films or promotion or looking for cast and crew or promoting screenings or if you just need film related information, get in touch, we will post details on our, every growing social media and see if we can help! 

We work with our members to help get their work out there by informing them of upcoming film festivals, grant schemes and bursary schemes on our social media and by email. We also are facilitating the screening of our members films with the Bell Table's theatre's #‎SEEforCinema film club. 

Our membership is made up of not just professional filmmakers but all filmmakers and is open to everyone. Let us support you the film community in Limerick!

The Film Strand, gives Limerick filmmakers a voice!