Exploring Limerick's Street Art

Renowned street artists from all over the world come to Limerick to make their mark, and what they leave behind are vibrant, evocative, uniting murals and messages.

Here's a collection of some of Limerick's most stunning street art as photographed by you!


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We can't decide if the eyeball ice cream cone or the Hello Kitty tattoo is our favourite thing about this piece, but it's definitely eye-catching! The work of artists Smug it was commissioned for the Make a Move Festival and has been captured by many people in the city! Located on Castle Street, Limerick (right across from King John's Castle)

Artist Eoin Barry's project ‘Cathair Grá’ repurposed 45 electrical boxes as canvases across Limerick!

Fintan Magee's beautifully illustrated 'The Fishermen' adorns this building on Roches Street, Limerick.

During Limerick's campaign to become European Capital of Culture 2020 inspirational notes popped up across the city, and while we may have lost out on the designation, the message still reverberates with the people of Limerick.

New Zealander Askew One collaborated with Irish artist Maser to combine two unique techniques resulting in this amazing mural on Little William Street, Limerick.

Limerick 2020's summer campaign 'Stanzas' brought 3D poetry to life across the city with quotes appearing in mystery locations. The recently added image was not part of the original installation!

Two like-minded painters from South London, Church of Best Ever created this opposing yet complimentary piece at Bank Place, Limerick.



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Artist Dermot McConaghy is to thank for these haunting masterpieces in the Biodiversity Garden on Thomas Street, Limerick. 

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