Kilmallock History & Heritage

Kilmallock is an important Norman town and was at the centre of Ireland’s political development from the 13th through to the 17th centuries, a history that is evident through the rich architectural heritage that is the town’s national monuments.

Kilmallock - Munster Vales

Follow in the footsteps of men and women from the Middle Ages and set out on the self-guided Historic Town Trail through the narrow streets of Kilmallock. A tourist map of town is available in selected shops and a guided tour of the town is available with thirteen points of interest marked by information plaques.

Visit Kilmallock Museum which holds a small collection of implements dealing with industrial, farming, rural, shop and home life in the 19th and 20th centuries. It also features scale models of houses excavated in the area, and a large model of medieval Kilmallock. If you prefer a guided tour you can download a free audio guide that leads you on a historical walk around the town taking in Kilmallock’s Dominican Priory and the Collegiate Church.

Kilmallock was a major centre for religion and subsequently for trade and commerce, which is evident in the wealth of medieval buildings that survive to the present day. These include the 13th century Collegiate Church and the Dominican Priory, over 1200m of the medieval town wall, including a town gate, the 15th century King’s Castle standing astride the main street and 16th-century houses of the wealthy town merchants.

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