About Kilmallock

The town of Kilmallock has scarcely altered since medieval times. It still lies within the narrow oblong area once enclosed by the town walls; and its medieval streets are also the streets of today. All this wonderful heritage of stone being sufficient to prompt one traveler to describe the town as 'the Baalbek of Ireland'.

Kilmallock, Co. Limerick

Located in the Golden Vale region, Kilmallock is approximately 10 kilometres from the N20 Limerick - Cork road.

There are a number of places to visit in Kilmallock town. John's Castle was built in the 15th Century. This is located near the town wall, and the best stretch of this extends for about 400 metres, from the rear of the Catholic church to Blossom Gate.

Kilmallock is a walled town of ecclesiastical origin, a monastery having been founded here by St. Maloch in the 6th century, of which the original round tower still remains. Other tourist attractions of note include the Church of Saint Peter and Paul, Dominican Friary, Fenian Monument, Market Cross, Collegiate Church, and the Famine Memorial Park.

An important attraction is the Cottage Museum and Information Centre housing a collection of local artefacts, mostly from the 19th and 20th century.

Located in the town is Friars’ Gate, a former cinema which is now one of the most intimate theatres in Ireland. It stages a variety of theatrical, musical and dramatic events.

Friars Gate, Kilmallock, Co. Limerick
Kilmallock, Co Limerick

Parts of the historic Kilmallock town wall are visible again for the first time in generations following the completion of the Kilmallock West Wall Walkway project.

More than 500 metres of the town wall have been conserved and a walkway has been created along the route, allowing locals and visitors alike to experience the wall for the first time, as up until now as the wall had been on private property.

Kilmallock was an important Norman town and was at the centre of Ireland’s political development from the 13th through to the 17th centuries, a history that is evident through the rich architectural heritage and national monuments around the town.

The original circuit of the town’s defences was 1,700 metres and of this, about 1,200 metres remains standing.

Kilmallock Co Limerick
Kilmallock Co Limerick

Elsewhere, the town wall still serves as a boundary so  even a casual glance at a modern map reveals the line of the medieval defences.

What makes this project unique is that visitors to the West Wall Walkway will experience the same landscape as those centuries ago, as Kilmallock has never really expanded outside its original walled boundary.

A new pedestrian bridge in the town has been officially opened, which is located immediately downstream of the existing road bridge on the Limerick Road close to the fire station.

The new bridge provides a dedicated crossing point for pedestrians over the beautiful River Loobagh at the entrance to Kilmallock. It provides a greatly improved link from the town to the recently developed Riverside walk.

Munster Vales

Munster Vales

Munster Vales is a tourism destination of domestic and international significance spanning five mountain ranges including Ballyhoura. The Munster Vales proposition is to promote and develop the outstanding outdoor activity and heritage product within East Limerick, connecting the unique visitor experiences of this rural uplands with the counties of Tipperary, Waterford, Cork and Limerick.

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Map of Kilmallock