Poetry goes 3D in an exciting new project for Limerick2020

  • Stanzas Limerick 2020

No longer confined to print, Stanzas will literally have poetry climbing the walls of Limerick City. Eight poets from Stanzas, a poetry and prose writing group, have been commissioned to write poems for Limerick2020.

Poetry goes 3D in an exciting new project for Limerick2020 and you won’t need to wear any silly glasses!

Stanzas encourages the development of young literary talent through regular meetings and events.

This diverse group of writers includes Melanie White, Aoife Deegan Donnelan, Emer Hayes, Caleb Brennan, RG Allen, Rachel Armstrong, Shane Vaughan and Nina O’Donovan. Quotes from their selected poems will soon adorn mystery locations around the city, creating an interactive poetry trail. Stanzas will paint the town with poetry so keep your eyes peeled, you never know where poetry might be on the prowl!

Once you hunt down and find a quote let us know!

Share your pictures on Instagram (@Limerick2020), twitter (@Limerick2020) or on Facebook, then hop on to the Limerick2020 website where you can read the entire poem. The first poet and poem to be featured will appear on the website on June 7th.

Check the website regularly to hear more about the Stanzas’ poets and what makes them tick and write.

A special July edition of The Limerick Magazine will feature a poetry trail map if you are having trouble tracking down the elusive quotes. You can also find the trail map on the website from July 1st.

Follow the clues on the trail and see Limerick from a poetic angle.

This is a really exciting new venture pulling poetry out of the pages on to the streets that inspired and shaped our poets.

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