Statement on Eye Scream Mural

Limerick City and County Council is looking forward to the unveiling of a new mural as part of the growing collection of Street and Urban Art in the city.

The new mural opposite King John’s Castle will replace the ‘Eye Scream’ mural which became an iconic image and a symbol of Limerick’s new can-do spirit and renewed confidence.

The Eye Scream mural was delivered as part of the 2014 National City of Culture year of celebrations.

However since then it has been needlessly vandalised on numerous occasions, and despite efforts to clean and restore it, the mural was beyond repair.

Murals by their nature are temporary as they are exposed to the elements.

The new mural will be created by Draw Out Limerick, the same team which was behind the Eye Scream mural.

This independent project has been grant aided by Limerick City and County Council through €1,000 from the General Municipal Allocation.

Limerick City and County Council is looking forward to seeing the new mural, while any queries should be directed to Draw Out Limerick on

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