Cathie Chappell - Low Carbon Transport

  • Cathie Chappell - Positive Energy Champion

"I drive an electric car, but feel unable at present to make longer journeys due to the lack of charging points, I would like to monitor this, and hopefully see an improvement in this infrastructure."


For my campaign I explored the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in and around Limerick. My car is second hand with a shorter battery life so ‘range anxiety’ is an issue.

As a Low Carbon Transport champion, I monitored the range of my electric vehicle more closely and tried out longer journeys and charging points in different areas. I also tried out some carbon tracker apps.

I was able to complete a 90km journey with my car. However, I noticed that the public charging infrastructure was not always working. Through the campaign I became even more aware of the significant lack of charging infrastructure around the country right now. This will need to be much improved if more people are to be encouraged to buy and use EVs, in particular more affordable, second hand EVs.

Through the campaign, I met a community of e-vehicle owners who are happy with their cars but disgruntled with the charging system.

When I tested the carbon footprint calculators, I got different results with each of the 4 carbon footprint calculators I tried, ranging from 11.5 - 14 tonnes. It would be great to have a more accurate carbon footprint calculator for Limerick.

While the emphasis on one's personal carbon footprint is good, it is by no means the whole picture, and systemic change is really what is going to have a greater impact. I think it is up to the government to bring in and enforce the necessary measures that they keep talking about. I think public transport should be a major priority, rather than continually spending billions on building new roads. In addition, the provision of more charging points, not only in Limerick City, but all around the country has to happen fast.

I plan to keep campaigning for better EV infrastructure as it will form an important part of decarbonisation in Limerick.

Positive Energy Champions: Cathie Chappell - map charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.