DPEB Building 4: Rooney Auctioneers

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  • Rooney Auctioneers

Limerick possessed a curiosity as seen in Roche’s Hanging Gardens. Remnants of the arches that gave structure from the hanging gardens remain intact at the back of 98 O’Connell St., home to Rooney Auctioneers.

The Roche family was prominent in the commercial life of the city. John Roche was a substantial merchant in the city in the grain and provision export business for which Limerick became one of the main ports.

In 1808n the hanging gardens were constructed, the banker William Roche built large stores which covered more than an acre of land from the rear of the bank to Henry Street.

On the roof of these stores he constructed his own private gardens, for his own private recreation to obviate the necessity of occasional absence from his residence.

Pat Kearney, Commercial Property Director, and Gordon Kearney, Managing Director, Rooney Auctioneers "Rooney Auctioneers decision to participate in the Positive City Exchange project was firstly to assist in making Limerick a smart positive energy city and secondly, as the demonstration project will be centred in the Georgian Innovation district, to help and encourage better and more rewarding use of our Georgian buildings.“


 99 O'Connell St, Limerick, V94 P8CY

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