Project 6: DPEBs through Improved Energy Performance and Integration with the Energy System

+CityxChange will create a framework for a stepped approach to the creation of a DPEB (Distributed Positive Energy Block), which can be replicated by any EU city.

As per the DPEB definition outlined at the beginning of this section, there are a number of key steps necessary;

(i) Reduce energy consumption; through efficiency and building retrofits

(ii) create energy generation; through building integrated and independent renewables

(iii) actively manage the energy in the block, through the smart grid and citizen engagement

(iv) enable electrification of vehicles and

(v) trade energy and flexibility.

Our Flagship Project: Tidal Turbine Deveoped by Limerick Based Company GKinetic

+CityxChange (Positive City Exchange) Limerick

+CityxChange (Positive City Exchange) Limerick