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Personal Training - One to one training with a fully tailored plan from your trainer and nutritional support.

Group Powerlifting- Guys and girls non mixed sessions for squat, bench and deadlift training. Learn how to lift or progress your lifting in a great environment surrounded by awesome people. 

Circuits- Mixed group based sessions. A fun filled session that works up a sweat and gets you in shape.

Our Mission:

We want to change your life. We want to get you in the best shape you've ever been in and give you a real return for your fitness efforts.

People all over Limerick are getting in great shape, getting stronger and feeling the best they've ever felt thanks to CityGym coaching.

If you're sick of trying everything, but nothing is working, try our two week discounted personal training rate, If you don't see results starting in two weeks, we'll refund you your money!

Limerick City

17 Sexton St, Limerick

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