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Limerick City Archives

Limerick City Archives provides for the collection and preservation of archives relating to Limerick City and makes archives available to the public.

Archives are the raw material of history and the archives service is committed to preserving and documenting the past to ensure that the history of the city is accessible to its citizens.

Limerick City Archives has a large collection of material relating to its parent body - Limerick City Council and it has also collected archive material relating to older administrations including Limerick Union, Limerick Rural District Council, private papers and collections relating to the commercial and cultural aspects of life in Limerick City.

   Acquisition Policy  ( MS Word - 20 Kb)

Limerick City Archive Acquisition Policy 

Local Studies

An extensive collection of Limerick related materials, this local collection is an essential aid for anyone researching the history of Limerick Local Studies

City Archives

The digitised collections are made freely available to the public to promote research into the history of Limerick City via a virtual archive. City Archives

Museum Online Catalogue

Browse the Jim Kemmy Municipal Museum online catalouge and access our catalouge of over 55,000 artifacts showcasing the rich historical heritage of Limerick.

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Format: 2014-04-23