Turkish Trader's Home from Home at Limerick’s Milk Market

Milk Market stall holder Sefik Dikyar sells homemade Turkish desserts and traditional savoury dishes.

By Sefik Dikyar – Owner of Baile Abhaile Turkish Bazaar

I sell homemade Turkish desserts and traditional savoury dishes at the Milk Market Limerick and my stall recently celebrated it's first birthday!  

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I moved to Ireland in 2005 after I met my wife and I found that I really missed the tastes from home. I love to cook and would cook traditional Turkish food for my family and friends who always commented that I should do it professionally.

I went to my local enterprise office for some advice and they recommended that I start in the market and build up my customer base.

I have always loved to cook and I first learned from helping my mother. I then spent many years working in hotels and restaurants and I now also work as a waiter part time in Brasserie One Restaurant at No. 1 Pery Square Hotel.

Most of my recipes and methods are traditional, passed down through my family from my grandparents to my parents, and now me. However I do make apple and cinnamon baklava on the request of my customers which I hadn't ever made or heard of in Turkey!

Some of my most popular dishes include:

Baklava - A sultan Turkish cross-cultural traditional dessert, handmade with 100% of the finest natural ingredients including chocolate, hazelnuts, apple and cinnamon, pear and almond,  filo pastry, syrup, and pure butter (€1.50 a piece)  

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Kadayif - Also known as Angel Hair Pastry, a Turkish dessert made from shredded wheat with nuts and sugar syrup (€1.50 a piece)  

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Turkish Delight - Sold by weight at 100g for €2.50 or 250g for €4.  

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I love being part of the Milk Market, there is great comradery and support amongst the traders. I also love having the opportunity to meet new people every week and share my background and culture with them. I’ve always had a passion for cooking and baking and I love getting to share some of my culture and foods from Turkey with the people of Ireland, my new home.

The response has been very positive and complimentary. My customers love that the food on my stall is fresh and homemade and are always asking for more dishes to be added to my stall.

I haven’t had trouble finding ingredients I would have used at home which means I can shop locally for my ingredients.

Baile Abhaile Turkish Bazaar - Fridays 9am - 3pm and Saturdays 8am - 3pm
Limerick Milk Market

Published Monday 10th November 2014

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