Digital Quarter Limerick – IoT Demo

Rapid translation of innovations with, and to, the end-users or citizens will be achieved through our smart city digital test-bed based in the heart of Georgian Limerick.

The Digital Quarter is a demonstration area that will engage communities, academia and industry to apply technology to achieve sustainable outcomes for grand societal challenges including climate change, clean energy, transport, health, enterprise and environment.

Features of the Quarter include smart living spaces, smart offices and smart transport.

The Digital Quarter will be home to a Citizen Innovation Lab, where users embrace digital transformation and co-design, co-create and trial technologies in real life.

The Citizen Innovation Lab is envisaged as a studio space created to engage, educate and empower citizens to embrace the opportunities and equip them to deal with the challenges of digital transformation. A core aim of the Lab will be to reduce the socio-economic divide by creating pathways through education and empowerment for people. Be-spoke programmes will be delivered in partnership with community groups with a focus on transitioning people from the most disadvantaged areas of Limerick to further education and employment. 

Evaluate the use of energy consumption sensors, WAN networks and IoT gateways in the Digital Quarter in Limerick City. Expand the model in Digital Quarters in Tier 2 towns in Limerick County.

Domain: Economy & Innovation

Timeframe: 2017 - 2018 - 2019 - 2020

Metric: Number of sensors, Number of public datasets.

Organisation: DELL, LCCC – DS, LCCC – ICT, UL

Limerick Digital Quarter
Limerick Digital Quarter
Georgian Innovation District

Limerick Digital Quarter

The Limerick Digital Quarter is highlighted in the Georgian Innovation District