Rte 2fm DJ Ruth Scott Launches Limerick’s Lifelong Learning Festival

27th March 2012: The 2012 Limerick Lifelong Learning Festival was officially opened by RTÉ 2FM DJ Ruth Scott in the newly revamped Limerick City Gallery of Art last evening.

27th March 2012

The 2012 Limerick Lifelong Learning Festival was officially opened by RTÉ 2FM DJ Ruth Scott in the newly revamped Limerick City Gallery of Art last evening (Monday).

Holistic practitioners from the Limerick Vibe hosted a laughter yoga workshop in the sun drenched People’s Park for the festival opening as lifelong learning is celebrated across Limerick through a variety of enjoyable and informative activities.

The 2012 Limerick Lifelong Learning Festival takes place from Monday, March 26th to Sunday, April 1st. It is organised by the Limerick City of Learning Steering Group, in collaboration with Limerick Communications Office, Limerick County Council and County Limerick VEC.

Speaking at the launch, RTÉ 2FM broadcaster, Ruth Scott, said: "I’m delighted this evening to be back in the city where the formative years of my lifelong learning experience began. While undertaking my degree at the University of Limerick, it was in fact my extra-curricular learning through student radio that guided me to the career path I find myself on today. I can’t emphasise enough how great it can be to take on a new challenge, whether that’s through learning to surf, hiking or climbing a mountain. Learning can be so much fun!”

The week-long festival will promote and celebrate learning in all its forms, showcasing the wide range of events happening throughout Limerick city and county for all age groups. The activities taking place range from magic shows and drumming workshops to boat-building events, radio broadcasting training and healthy cooking on a budget.

Speaking at the launch, Pat Dowling, chair of the City of Learning Steering Group, said learning takes place "every single day throughout our whole lives”.

"We don’t just learn at school, college or university,” he said. ”We learn all the time and it’s enjoyable to have the opportunity to try out something new. We want to celebrate those already learning but also raise awareness of the huge amount of events that are taking place in Limerick where people can discover new skills, no matter what stage of life they are at. With more than 150 events to choose from across the city and county, all of which are free, there really is something for everyone to get involved in."

Also speaking at the launch, Cllr Mary Jackman, chairman, County Limerick VEC, said:

"There is a great social aspect to this festival of bringing people together from all walks of life to further their skills and knowledge base together with their neighbours and friends,” she said. “The opportunity is there for everyone to participate in activities from which new experiences and friendships can develop and this will stand to them in the long run. Greater economic uncertainty should be not be an obstacle to self-development and there’s a wonderful variety of workshops, seminars and classes to choose from."

Festival Co-ordinator, Yvonne Lane, said free copies of the 2012 Festival Programme are available throughout Limerick and on www.limerick.ie/lovelearning for each day of the Festival.

Other free events taking place during the Festival include:

  • CV and Interview Skills
  • A Beginners Guide to Email
  • Swimming Lessons
  • Grow your own vegetables
  • Parent and Toddler Creative Dance sessions
  • Walking Tours
  • Understanding the Financial Crisis seminar
  • Genealogy workshop
  • CPR and First Aid demonstration
  • Knitting and crochet skills

For daily updates search for ‘Limerick Lifelong Learning Festival’ on Facebook.

Further information: Yvonne Lane, Festival Co-ordinator. Telephone – 061 419388 or E-Mail ylane@paulpartnership.ie

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