Project 5: Accelerate Change and Disruptive Solutions through Innovation Playgrounds

Shared value creation for communities, individual citizens, and public and private sector stakeholders, requires integration between the design of the built environment, individuals’ quality of life, the community’s social structure, and business development.

+CityxChange Limerick

Innovation facilitators for new forms of cooperation in urban development search for ‘collective impact’ of investment and ability to retain this effect over time. Future cities must be an economic ecosystem where the city’s overall competitiveness is the driver for citizens and actors.

Innovative models can prove beneficial in creating shared values such as:

  • Open governance aiming to provide better services and quality of life for all stakeholders of the city
  • Creating an innovation ecosystem for participatory design and co-creation of processes and services
  • Using digital platforms and tools to provide openness and transparency
  • Facilitate an open community engagement process
  • Ensuring impact with leadership as a service tool
  • Developing a citizen centered process enabling people to take part in developing visions
  • Using a Living Lab and playground approach to enable the citizens to become a part of the solution
+CityxChange Limerick