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Silkscreen Ten Week Course

Tuesday 7th February - Tuesday 11th April @ 7pm - 9pm

Categories: Printmaking

Silkscreen printmaking is one of the most recognizable & popular forms of printmaking. 

The process involves transferring an image to a mesh screen. The image blocks out the negative space so that when ink is firmly pressed through the screen using a squeegee, the desired areas are printed onto the paper / fabric.

Limerick Printmaker’s ten week course will guide you through the entire process under the guidance of silkscreen tutor Derek O’Sullivan.

The weekly classes allow students to develop their work and ideas as they learn, ensuring their finished prints are fully realised and that each step in the process has been experienced multiple times.

Silkscreen printing is ideal for those interested in creating multiple colour fine art prints, flyers, posters, printed cards, tote bags & t-shirts etc.

This course will include:

  • Studio health & safety/best practice
  • Image selection and preparation/colour separation using software
  • Screen: Mesh sizes, screen selection and care
  • Process of transferring images to screen using photo sensitive emulsion and exposure unit
  • Printing: Registration of image, ink & paper selection, printing technique, trouble shooting, creating multiple colour prints
  • Information on cleaning/storage of screens 

Cost: €260

Phone: +353 61 311806



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Coca-Cola Zero Bikes

Coca-Cola Zero® Bikes is an exciting new addition to Limerick City. Bike stations are located throughout the city to provide a healthy and convenient means of transport.

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