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Dromcollogher County Limerick

Dromcollogher is a small town in close proximity to the Cork border situated in the Golden Vale. This medieval town has played a significant role in history, being one of the starting points of the Co-operative Movement in Ireland in the late 19th Century.


The town still has a strong agricultural base and was home to the Irish Dresden pottery factory from 1962 until 2009. Dromcollogher also has a very successful football team, who have a number of Senior County Championship titles.

As a follow on from its co-operative past Dromcollogher boasts a number of community and voluntary projects such as a Day Care Centre for the Elderly, a community Respite Care Centre, the only centre of its kind in Ireland, and housing association schemes for the Elderly and young families.

A community owned Enterprise Centre also operates in the town. St. Josephs National School and Hazelwood College secondary school are also based in the town.

Nearby attractions include the Plunkett Heritage Co-operative Museum (tours can be organised) and the Irish Organic College. The area is also a popular spot for cycling tourists.

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