Limerick City and County Council Launch Limerick’s Golden Mile Competition

Tuesday 12th May 2015: Limerick City and County Council has announced a new competition open to communities, groups of neighbours and members of the public who care about their local rural environment.

Publish Date: Tuesday 12th May 2015

Limerick City and County Council has announced a new competition open to communities, groups of neighbours and members of the public who care about their local rural environment.

Limerick’s Golden Mile 2015 is a competition aimed at those who live in rural County Limerick to recognise interesting walks on their local roads.

The objective of the event is to encourage communities to identify their local pleasant road scapes, and to promote best practice in the recording and management of rural heritage features associated with their chosen route.

Bernadette Collins, Executive Planner, Limerick City and County Council explained that the main aim of Limerick’s Golden Mile 2015 is to raise awareness of County Limerick’s natural and built environment.

“The competition invites existing or new community groups to select a mile of county road that is safe for users and that has a sufficient variety of interest,” she explained.  “This could include a mix of trees, hedgerows, stone walls, bridges, gates, stiles, old and new houses, farmyards and field entrances. These ‘Golden miles’ can also be improved by their local communities as safety can be increased by appropriate signage and maintaining verges. Even removing rubbish will immediately enhances a road and often very little will need to be done other than to pick up the litter. More ambitious works such as the preservation of stone walls and planting of native species can also be planned over a number of seasons.”

Ms Collins said that roadside hedgerows are one of our greatest assets from many aspects such as, wildlife habitats, trees, heritage, scenery and tourism.

She continued: “Many features of the built heritage remain to be rediscovered, such as gates, stiles, walls and bridges and these can encourage the retention of local craftsmanship and traditional styles. Research is encouraged into place names and local folklore, which can explain many of the quirks of our roads. Awareness of the natural and built heritage can help to integrate new development into the existing landscape and promote pride of local heritage in local communities and we’re hopeful that many communities will enter the competition in a bid to have their road names as Limerick’s Golden Mile for 2015.”

Groups who wish to take part must submit a Limerick’s Golden Mile 2015 application form by 13th July 2015 which is available to download along with an information booklet on the Council’s website

The 'Golden Mile' consists of a one-mile stretch of a county/local road, for example 1604m.

The mile does not have to be a straight stretch of road, it could go straight through or right or left at a crossroad.  All county roads or local roads outside of the 60kmph speed limit are eligible to enter. Where there is no speed limit sign, that part of the road outside the village/town 'name plate' and beyond is eligible to take part.

Past winners have included Crean Development, Broadford Development Association, Kilmeedy Community Development Group Ltd., Croom Walking Club, Knocklong Tidy Towns Association, Barna Resident’s Association, Glengort National School and Ballyellian Walk Way.

The submissions will be assessed by an independent team of judges.  The overall winner will receive the Golden Mile perpetual trophy and a cash prize of €500.  There will also be a number of category prizes and the walks will be promoted by the Council through its website and social media.

For more information visit  or email or telephone 061-407236/407229



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