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Intercultural Limerick

The Limerick Integration Working Group (IWG) operates under the Social Inclusion Measures (SIM) Committee of both City and County local authorities. The respective SIM Committees are in turn suject to the respective Limerick City Development Board and Limerick County Development Board.

After its formation in 2007, the initial aim of the IWG was to bring together statutory, non-statutory and voluntary bodies to share information and best practices on working with Limerick’s culturally diverse population and providing appropriate responses to the integration needs of migrant and local communities.

In late 2008 it was decided that the IWG would be responsible for coordinating the development of a plan for delivery of services and the implementation of activities that promote the integration of migrants in Limerick City and County.



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Format: 2017-03-23
Format: 2017-03-23