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Conservation of the City Walls

Over the last few years Limerick City and County Council has embarked on a programme of conservation of the remaining city walls, with the aid of funding from the Irish Walled Towns Network.

In 2008 Aegis Archaeology produced the Limerick City Walls Conservation and Management Plan (5,057 Kb) which prioritised the works needed on each section of the wall.

To date all the sections in need of urgent repairs have been dealt with. These were in Little Gerald Griffin St., Charlotte's Quay, in Irishtown and Exchange Lane on King's Island.

In 2010 a section on the Island Road was stripped of its vegetation and the 2011 programme includes conservation of this section as well as emergency repairs to a section next to St. John's Hospital.

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Work to date

  • 2008: Full conservation of the section of wall near the Milk Market/ Little Gerald Griffin Street.
  • 2009: Conservation of the wall in Exchange Lane and the northern end of the section in Charlotte's Quay car park. Removal of vegetation from the wall behind the houses in Lelia Street.
  • 2010: Vegetation on the walls at the northern end of the Island Road was removed
  • 2011: it is hoped to conserve the exterior of the Island Road section exposed in 2010. Some emergency works are also planned near St. John's Hospital where the harsh winter has caused some stones to be dislodged.


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Local Studies

An extensive collection of Limerick related materials, this local collection is an essential aid for anyone researching the history of Limerick Local Studies


The digitised collections are made freely available to the public to promote research into the history of Limerick via a virtual archive.

Museum Online Catalogue

Browse the Jim Kemmy Municipal Museum online catalouge and access our catalouge of over 55,000 artifacts showcasing the rich historical heritage of Limerick.

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