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X Marriage Records (1812-1943)

X Marriage Records (1812-1943)Limerick Monthly Meeting Marriage Certificates

Bound volume containing marriage certificates and an alphabetical index of couples. Information on the certificates includes names of bride and groom and their parents, where they are from, where and when the marriage took place, witness signatures. Includes a letter of confirmation of marriage.

  • MM/IX/M6               17 July 1812-14 June 1943                                               

Limerick Monthly Meeting Marriage Register 1848-1950

Register of marriages which includes marriage date, church and parish in which the marriage took place, witness signatures, age - usually  ‘of age’, profession or rank, residence at the time of marriage, fathers name and surname, rank or profession of father, and condition - bachelor or widow, of those getting married. Includes 22 marriage certificates as well as a printed ‘minute of instructions’ from the Yearly Meeting Committee held 13 February 1845 which discusses the provisions of the ‘Act of Marriages in Ireland and for Registering such Marriages also contains a letter from the General Register Office outlining how to implement the new provisions for registering marriage certificates.

  • MM/IX/M8                6 January 1848-30 May 1950

Local Studies

An extensive collection of Limerick related materials, this local collection is an essential aid for anyone researching the history of Limerick Local Studies


The digitised collections are made freely available to the public to promote research into the history of Limerick via a virtual archive.

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Browse the Jim Kemmy Municipal Museum online catalouge and access our catalouge of over 55,000 artifacts showcasing the rich historical heritage of Limerick.

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