Limerick City and County Council Embraces EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK

  • Two people cycling along a road, with trees at either side. Pic: Brian Gavin, Press 22
Picture: Brian Gavin

EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK, an initiative aimed at promoting sustainable and active modes of transport, is set to run from 16 – 22 September. Limerick City and County Council is proud to announce its support for this campaign.  

During this week-long campaign, the Council is committed to raising awareness about sustainable mobility and inspiring behavioural change towards active and sustainable travel methods, including walking, cycling, carpooling, and public transport.

Each year, the European Commission’s flagship awareness-raising campaign adopts a different theme. The theme chosen for this year's EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK is 'Save Energy,' emphasising the importance of energy conservation in our daily lives. By reducing car dependency and unnecessary car trips and embracing active modes of transport, we can all play a part in saving energy.

Mayor of the City and County of Limerick Councillor Gerald Mitchell said: 

"I encourage all of Limerick’s citizens to embrace sustainable transport during EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK and save energy while enhancing our environment and well-being. Let's walk, bike, carpool, and use public transport for our daily commutes, and together, we can create a healthier, greener future."

Pat Daly, Chief Executive of Limerick City and County Council commented:

"As we participate in EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK, we are not only advocating for sustainable mobility but also championing energy conservation. Limerick City and County Council is committed to promoting active and sustainable travel methods that benefit our environment and well-being."

As part of our commitment to promoting sustainable transport, Limerick City and County Council has invited schools across the city and county to participate in our Walk on Wednesday initiative on September 20th. We are asking students to embrace active and sustainable modes of transport on that day, and the school with the highest proportional participation will be awarded a €300 prize and recognised for their outstanding commitment to sustainability. More information here: European Mobility Week in Limerick: Walk on Wednesday Competition |

Moreover, we extend our encouragement to businesses based in Limerick to become active participants in this movement. We are calling on employers to motivate their staff to adopt active and sustainable modes of travel during their daily commutes.

To engage the public and foster a sense of community around sustainable mobility, we are hosting a social media photo competition throughout the week. We invite everyone to share photos of their sustainable commutes using the hashtag #mobilityweeklimerick. The best sustainable commute photo will be awarded a €100 prize.

Limerick City and County Council invites all residents, schools, and businesses to join us in celebrating EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK and making a positive impact on our environment. 

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