Annual Monitoring Report for Housing and the Physical Environment

Section 1.3 of Volume 3 of the adopted Limerick Regeneration Framework Implementation Plan relates to the monitoring of the Regeneration Programme with key performance indicators highlighted.

The Office of Regeneration has commitment to the monitoring of the programme on an annual basis. 

The Monitoring Programme is designed to achieve the holistic improvement of the regeneration areas by improving outcomes across seven key themes.

Three ‘place-related’ themes

  • Housing and Physical Environment
  • Crime and Community Safety
  • Community

Four ‘people-related’ themes

  • Employment and Enterprise
  • Health
  • Families and Youth at Risk
  • Education

One year on from the formal adoption of the plan in February 2014, a Monitoring Report has been prepared (February 2015) on the activities over the previous year in relation to one of the key themes outlined above - Housing and the Physical Environment. You can view this report in the supporting documents below.

It is not possible to provide any overarching assessment of the real scale of area wide change until longitudinal individual level data is collected and analysed for all seven themes.

This overarching assessment will commence in 2016 when a comprehensive evaluation survey will be undertaken examining linkages across the seven key themes outlined above. Nevertheless, as part of this Monitoring Report, data has been collated in relation to Housing and the Physical Environment to establish key trends emerging and progress made. 

The Monitoring Report provides an early 2015 snapshot of currently available ‘change data’ to understand and explain what changes have occurred in the regeneration areas over the past year. This report draws on two main data sources.

  1. Internally held administrative data collated by Limerick City and County Council.
  2. Secondary data such as reports and business plans of various agencies/government bodies.
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