#eatinlimerick project serves up Limerick on a platter

Monday 5th October 2015: A new project has been launched to whet our appetites for Limerick food and local dining. 

Publish Date: Monday 5th October 2015

A new project has been launched to whet our appetites for Limerick food and local dining. Eat in Limerick, supported by GGL Security and LEO, is the brainchild of Olivia O’Sullivan who saw a need to bring the local food scene together and serve it up under one tasty promotional umbrella.

“I felt we needed a foodie guidemap for Limerick City, there are so many new eateries even locals can’t keep up with happenings, not to mention trying to inform visitors. That’s how Eat in Limerick came about; it was a case of needs must. We have great food heritage here and increasing numbers of local producers so something like this was needed to bring attention to all of that.”

Limerick company GGL Security, who operate nationally and internationally and have headquarters in the city, is the main sponsor of the project. Derek Tobin, MD of GGL Security, commented: “We are spoiled in Limerick with such a selection of food businesses, there must be 120 food businesses listed on the Eat in Limerick city map. As a Limerick business too, GGL Security is delighted to support this initiative which I’ve no doubt will encourage us all to explore our city and county even more and visit some new eateries.”

Social media users are being encouraged to use the hashtag ’#eatinlimerick‘ on facebook, instagram and twitter to highlight how much is going on in Limerick food, from casual, healthy and gourmet dining, to homegrown produce. 

Olivia explained, “Food is far more than just sustenance, it’s becoming a hobby for so many people, it’s a lifestyle, and that passion is shared on social media all the time, from pics of your perfect morning coffee to lunch on-the-go or that delicious dinner out, and home baked goodies. The photos and posts are already out there, if we start using the #eatinlimerick hashtag with them it will enhance the local food community and create a conversation. It will also show tourists what we have to offer in Limerick –food tourism is becoming big business and we should be selling ourselves as a great food destination. We’ve always had a great food history in Limerick, it’s time we realize how much we have to contribute to the national food story.”

The guidemap, which highlights twelve of the top eateries in the region in detail, as well as features map listings for over a hundred more outlets, is just the first part of the project, with a website at www.eatinlimerick.ie (coming soon) the next stage to create a single portal for Limerick food news and events. 

The #eatinlimerick social media is already running at facebook.com/eatinlimerick and @eatinlimerick on instagram and twitter. Join the conversation by tagging your posts and pics with #eatinlimerick.

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