The Government Inspector

Friday 24th - Sunday 26th January & Friday 31st January - Sunday 2nd February @ 8pm
  • The Government Inspector

‘The Government Inspector‘ - a comedy by Nikolai Gogol, adapted by Granagh Players.

The visit of an Inspector to a rural town causes consternation among its citizens./p>

The Mayor and his cohorts are concerned above all else with preserving - or improving - their own status, reputation, and, if applicable, fortune.

They engage in lies, accept bribes, exhibit vanity, and neglect their duties.

For them, the welfare of the town and the townspeople comes second to making sure that they've feathered their own nests!!

How are they to make sure the Inspector doesn’t suss them out???

Newcastle West

Granagh Community Centre, Granagh, Co. Limerick

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€10 - adults
€5 - students
Tickets available on the door