Gardening for Biodiversity Webinar

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Limerick City and County Council is delighted to host a webinar on Gardening for Biodiversity.

Ireland’s countryside is becoming more and more managed, more uniform, and perhaps even more sterile. As we develop more land for housing and infrastructure, and intensive agriculture has become the norm in recent decades, this results in nature being ‘squeezed out’. If we want to do something about this, we could decide to start to create change right outside our own doors. Private gardens represent a huge potential habitat and refuge for Ireland’s pressured wildlife.

The webinar highlights the simple things we can all do to make our gardens, no matter how big or small, more attractive for wildlife.

The webinar is presented by Juanita Browne of the National Biodiversity Data Centre and will introduce you to the wonderful Gardening for Biodiversity Booklet produced by Juanita in associate with local authority heritage officers.

The Gardening for Biodiversity Webinar has been recorded and is available on Limerick EGLA2020 YouTube Channel.

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This is a European Green Leaf 2020 event.