Beyond Words Workshop: A Journey to the Heart with Poetry and Music with Lucia Sheehan

Saturday 25th August @ 10.30am - 12.30pm
  • Beyond Words - Lucia Sheehan

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A workshop with poetry, music and writing which introduces you to the power of poetry as a tool of transformation. Ignite your creativity, unveil your true nature, listen to the heart of your inner muse. 

You do not need to love or even like poetry to discover its power to transform and heal and bring you into a closer, truer relationship with yourself.

About Lucia Sheehan

Lucia Sheehan’s first passion was in discovering the power of voice. In working with The Naked Voice and Shintiado, she met and trained with Chloe Goodchild. The work with Chloe she described as 'a new way home to my heart.' Deepening her understand of sound, Lucia studied with The College of Sound, becoming a practitioner of Sound Healing and a tutor in the college.

Through The Naked Voice she was first introduced to poetry. 'Poetry as I had never heard it before,' Lucia recalled. It was not the poetry of school books and analysis, but spoken aloud and evoked memories. For Lucia, poetry 'realigns lost pathways in the brain and cuts through illusion to bring me to a deeper truth and understanding of who I am'.

It was Kim Rosen who introduced this influential poetry to her. Kim Rosen worked very closely with Lucia, who views Kim as a ‘fiercely compassionate teacher,’ where ‘the whole of me is up for grabs so to speak, and all of me is welcome.’

It has been over five years training with Kim Rosen, and Lucia feel she’s come full circle, brought back to the power of simple breath-work.

Lucia feels honoured and joyous to be sharing all that she has learned in her workshops, training, and one-to-one sessions. She has been offering these programmes for over 10 years.

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