Music Generation Limerick City – MGLC Live

from Wednesday 17th March @ 6pm
  • Limerick St. Patrick's Festival 2021 - Music Generation

This programme features two groups that each have developed distinctive online music performance practices, harnessing the immediacy of live music combined with the Magic Realism that post-production offers. 

The MGLC.LIVE first group includes teenaged songwriters, producers and composers working with the Limerick Voices programme, fresh from their successful collaboration with a group of spoken word artists in India.

The second group, Music Generation’s Musicians Team, includes some of Limerick’s most celebrated musicians - Darragh Griffin (Hermitage Green), Patrick O’Brien (King Pallas), Sean O’Meara, Michelle Grimes, Stephen Ryan (Windings/Giveamanackick), Rokaia, Andy Connolly (Naïve Ted) and Anthony Monahan (Protobaby, Pity of the Sea), under the musical direction of Boris Hunka. Since Jan 2021 they have pioneered the practice of creating and filming content remotely that is then packaged and produced into a coherent creative output.

Music Generation Limerick City (MGLC) is a partnership of music providers (public and private), primary and post-primary schools, further and higher education institutions, community organizations and local statutory organizations.

Tune in here from 6pm on Wednesday 17th March to join in the fun!

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