Samhain Parade

Saturday 26th October @ 7.20pm
  • Samhain Parade

The three-day Samhain Festival celebrating the Irish origins of Halloween will culminate with a light filled parade through Nicholas Street. The Bishops Lady will rise to once again roam the main medieval street of the city haunting all who gather before her.

The procession of lanterns made by local communities will be a focal point, which will conclude with a ‘memory’ lantern being launched onto the River Shannon as a way of banishing the darkness and of remembering the souls of loved ones during the Halloween festivities.

The ethos of Lumen is eco-friendly, and we construct our lanterns and puppets from biodegradable and recycled materials.

Beginning at Limerick City and County Council Headquarters, Merchants Quay at 7.20pm, the parade will conclude at Clancy Strand.

Lantern Making Workshop

Lumen Street Theatre will deliver a workshop in lantern making workshop at 10am - 12pm on Saturday 26th October in Limerick City and County Council Headquarters, Merchant's Quay. The lanterns created as part of this workshop will be used in the twilight procession at the culmination of the festival on Saturday night at 7.20pm.

Limerick City

Meeting Point: Limerick City and County Council Headquarters, Merchants Quay, Limerick.

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