Samhain: Eddie Lenihan stories for all

Thursday 24th October @ 6pm
  • Halloween moonlight (Unsplash)

Eddie Lenihan is an Irish author, storyteller, lecturer and broadcaster. He is one of the few practicing seanchaithe remaining in Ireland. He has been called “one of the greatest of Irish story-tellers” and “a national treasure”. For those who like a good yarn, pop along as Eddie Lenihan will bring his unique style of storytelling and wit to those gathered within.

Lenihan, particularly well known for his tales of Irish folk heroes, fairies, fallen angels, and other supernatural beings as recorded in Irish mythology and folklore is guaranteed to entertain and enthral visitors of all ages with his colourful tales and entertaining demeanour. Eddie kickstarts the festival with an evening of storytelling not be missed. Dark family fare.

Suitable for all the family.

Limerick City
Ormston House
Ormston House, 9-10 Patrick Street, Limerick
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