GuideFest: Adare

Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th October : 11am & 3pm
  • Guidefest

We are an association of professional tour guides located across the length and breadth of Ireland. GuideFest is a series of free tours over the holiday weekend of 24th to 26th October. GuideFest tours will be delivered by ATGI (Approved Tourist Guides of Ireland).

Do you want to hear about fighting monks, medieval knights and tobacco growing in Ireland?

A guided tour of Adare with Jorgen Hartog will take about 90 minutes, but can be adapted to your wishes. During the tour you will hear all about the prominence of the town of Adare, how it became a major town and how it then declined and was rebuilt again by the Earls of Dunraven.

  • Difficulty: easy - all level
  • Pre-booking is essential and HSE guidelines will have to be followed at all times
  • Social distancing guidelines need to be respected at all times
  • Wearing a facemask is essential for indoor environments and advisable outdoors
  • Your guide is fully insured, fully trained and fully compliant with all regulations, has passed all necessary documentation and courses, and has signed the Safety Charter
  • Tour is conducted in English, but can be translated into German or Dutch

There are 4 tours available - Saturday 24th October @ 11am & 3pm and Sunday 25th October @ 11am & 3pm.

Meeting at the Dunraven Fountain, next to the Trinitarian Monastery Holy Trinity Abbey Church, Main Street, Adare.


Holy Trinity Abbey Church
Main Street
Co. Limerick

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