Sunday at the Milk Market

Sunday 1st December @ 11am - 3pm
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Sunday at the Milk Market is a great place to come and chill out, have something to eat, meet up with friends, and do a bit of shopping.

It's a very different atmosphere from the hectic hustle and bustle of the famous Saturday market. On Sunday, there is more time to savour your food, sip your coffee and enjoy some live music.

We also cater to those who are up bright and early, ready for a Sunday morning workout. At 10am there is meditation in the Gallery. At 11am there is Yoga upstairs in the mezzanine, followed by Tai Chi at 12 noon.

Then to help you wind down we have free live music between 1 - 3pm.

Limerick City
Limerick Milk Market

Limerick Milk Market, Cornmarket Row, Limerick

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