Viva la Vida Festival

Friday 25th - Saturday 26th October
  • Viva la Vida Festival Limerick

Inspired by Frida Kahlo's famous painting, Viva la Vida Festival is an ode to life and joy despite the struggles we all face as humans.

Showcasing Latin American culture we invite all people to experience a taste of our identity and world view through a positive array of activities that are planned.

The aim of the festival is to showcase Latin American culture through a series of workshops that will educate the audience, but also engage them in fun and playful activities. 

This will be the first Latin American festival to be held in Limerick City, connecting Latin American and Irish artists to produce opportunities for multicultural exchange, through educational events, community workshops, live music and dance performances.


Workshops & Events

Limerick City

Central Buildings
51 O’Connell Street

More Info
€5 - €15