OpenHouse Limerick 2021 - Architecture is Reconnecting

29th - 31st October
  • Open House Limerick

OpenHouse Limerick 2021 aims to inspire thousands of participants with a fantastic programme of events that will inspire, enthuse, provoke and entertain in a Covid-safe environment.

The theme, Architecture is Reconnecting, will not only display Limerick’s architectural talent but also engages with the public to discuss how architects and communities can work together to find new ways to reconnect. Covid-19 has forced many of us to reconsider the way we think of our homes, neighbourhoods, villages, towns and city.

New restrictions and lockdowns have altered how we engage with our surroundings – reconnecting and rediscovering our back gardens, balconies, local parks, streetscapes, riversides and buildings.

Reconnecting is fundamental to how people experience their new environment.

Open House Limerick 2021 is funded by the Arts Council of Ireland, Heritage Council and Limerick City and County Council Culture & Arts Office.

Open House Limerick is sponsored by Roadstone and RIAI, and supported by the Irish Architecture Foundation, Open House Worldwide and

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