First Fortnight - Mental Health Art & Culture Festival 2021

  • First Fortnight

Every year we work to bring thought-provoking and conversation-inducing art across the country to challenge mental health prejudice and stigma. This year the themes explored in the festival are isolation, loneliness and community.

Since 2012 we’ve been proud to bring passionate and hardworking volunteers, families, organisations and charities together to create a First Fortnight community to combat such feelings of isolation, loneliness and stigma.

It is through consistent changes in our community that society as a whole can be changed. We invite you to actively participate in the festival and leave feeling part of our ever-growing community and empowered to be part of the change. One person can always make a difference and as one community, we can make a profound impact.

For the full programme of festival events click here.

Mind Reading

First Fortnight Mental Health Art & Culture Festival 2021 is bringing libraries, book clubs and book lovers together to join First Fortnight to shine a spotlight on mental health-books during the month of January. For more information about Mind Reading and the First Fortnight Recommended Reading List click here.



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