Bealtaine Festival

Tuesday 1st May - Sunday 3rd June
  • Threads Through Time - Bealtaine festival

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Ireland’s national celebration of the arts and creativity as we age.

Age opportunity announce the theme for Bealtaine 2018 - 'Be Our guest'.

In response to ongoing, international, globally transformative events, Bealtaine will adopt the theme of hospitality, hosting, welcome and generosity, as a broad and multi-layered festival theme. Bealtaine is at its core an arts event which brings people all over Ireland together to share diverse and challenging cultural experiences within the public sphere. Bealtaine is Ireland’s national festival which uniquely celebrates the arts and creativity as we age. 

The festival brings together people from all over Ireland to foster and inspire creativity among older people and to promote the skills, experiences and exposure that can lead to a rich creative life for all older people. Bealtaine is increasingly recognised as a major innovator in the area of the arts, creativity and older people globally, and as a result is also about supporting the arts community to continue to work and to inspire and train other artists to engage in the area of creative, ageing and intergenerational work.

Bealtaine Events in Limerick - 800 Years of Fashion

Workshops - One per week

May 1st – May 18th, 10.30am to 3pm 

Learn about 800 years of fashion in this fun and interactive workshop!

To celebrate Bealtaine this year we’re offering free 800 Years of Fashion Outreach Visits to retirement and nursing homes for the first 3 weeks in May. Participants will learn about the evolution of dress and will have the chance to try the costumes on and dress up as Elizabethan nobility or Medieval serfs.

This workshop covers eight periods between 1200 and 1920. These visits quickly book out so express your interest and booking through The Education Department soon. When the Outreach visits are over the Fashion show will be installed throughout the Museum to encourage visitors to explore the relationships between fashion and history.

Booking is required. Click here


May 20th – June 3rd, 10am to 5pm

Limerick City

Various locations in Limerick

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