Virtual Guided Tour of Corbally Pollinator Meadow

  • Corbally Meadow - Virtual Guided Tour

Limerick City and County Council is delighted to announce the launch of a Virtual Tour of Corbally Wildflower Meadow on the EGLA2020 YouTube Channel, as part of its European Green Leaf 2020 programme of events.

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about Limerick’s Corbally Meadow which is a haven for wildlife. Over 120 species of wildflowers and insects live there. The virtual tour is led by environmentalist Liz Gabbett ,a local wildlife enthusiast who is also the creator of What’s the Buzz - a free online e-learning tool for bumblebee identification.

Enjoy learning more about our native flora and fauna from the comfort of your own home. 

Liz will talk and walk you through some of the different wildflower species currently in bloom in the meadow and the bees, flies and butterflies that depend on these wildflowers to provide a valuable source of food. A bee might visit up to 5,000 flowers a day, so it is vital that wildflower areas like Corbally Meadow exist.

Don’t know your bees from your flies? Liz will also go through key features to identity the main differences between bee and fly species.

Liz Gabbett, Limerick-based Ecologist, said: "After watching this virtual tour video, I hope people will seek out Corbally Road Meadow and discover how wildflowers and insects coexist to create a beautiful wildlife oasis within the bustling city that is Limerick."

Why not visit Corbally Meadow, take a picture, and share it on social media with the #EGLALimerick2020.  

The video is free of charge to members of the public and can be viewed on the Limerick EGLA2020 YouTube Channel.

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This is a European Green Leaf 2020 event #EGLALimerick2020 #EGLA2020.