Niamh Schmidtke, LCGA Graduate Award 2019

Friday 29th November - Sunday 26th January
  • Niamh Schmidtke

Niamh Schmidtke is the recipient of the LCGA Graduate Award 2019 and was invited to exhibit her work from her Degree Show in LCGA – Plane No 7 and The Homeless Line.  

The root of Niamh Schmidtke’s practice is to expose and understand the gap between financial capitalism and our everyday ‘lived’ economies within a visual context. With these works, the artist shows that artistic interventions can open a space within which it becomes possible to have a meaningful dialogue about our economies.

Statistics exist on flat and immaterial planes and show the world from a cold and ‘non-local’ perspective. Working through drawing resulted in sections of statistical data being transformed into a series of planes. Over time, planes can be added or removed, allowing the object to change with our economy and never be completed.

Plane No.7 is made from bright yellow Perspex, which not only references that statistical line it was determined from, but also the slick, and commercial displays of capitalist economies.

Niamh is currently studying for her MFA in Goldsmiths College, London.

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