Thursday 15th July - Tuesday 31st August
  • LSAD Wom@rts Expo Launch (Pic Brian Arthur)

Viewings of this collection of works by 32 featured artists who took part in Wom@rts residencies in Limerick, Ireland (printmaking), Aviles, Spain (lens based media), and Angloueme, France (comic book) have been predominantly online throughout this travelling European exhibition, but from Monday the Irish public will have the option to view the work in a physical or virtual manner. The exhibition has been recognised for welcoming a new era of women’s creativity, while also reflecting on the lasting impact of Simone de Beavoir’s The Second Sex.

Wom@rts is a large-scale cooperation and non-profit €3 million project co-funded by the Creative Europe programme, which aims to secure women’s equal share of presence in the arts and culture, in terms of visibility, promotion, recognition and access to the market. 

In March 2020, Wom@rts published its 'State of the Arts' report about the situation relating to women artists and professionals in culture and the arts in Europe. The report concluded that despite the legislative efforts developed by the European Union, statistics show that women are underrepresented in leading positions in the vast majority of the creative sector and in cultural life.

While women often dominate the culture and creative sector in numbers, men frequently take leadership roles and receive public recognition. For instance, in literature, more male writers are critically acclaimed and win prizes - just 16 women won the Nobel Prize for Literature compared to 117 men. Other findings include disparity of pay and a lack of women in senior influential roles.*

Over one year on from the Wom@rts’ report, and despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic disproportionately disenfranchising women, the arts and female artists, Wom@arts representatives are encouraged that with equal input into the reopening and rebuilding of society and the economy, the work of women in the arts can be advanced.

The exhibition will be officially by Wom@rts ambassador, artist Aideen Barry in a special online event on the Wom@rt website, on Thursday 15 July 2021, at 5pm.  

The general public will have an opportunity to experience the art in person by visiting the LSAD gallery every Monday to Friday until August 31, when it will move on to its next European host. The exhibition is open from 10am with last admittance at 4pm each day, and is available to view 24 hours a day on the Wom@rts site. In keeping with Covid-19 Health and Safety regulations, viewing numbers at the gallery are monitored and limited to ensure social distancing adherence, and  sanitation  stations have been installed in the Foyer and within the exhibition itself.

Also on show in LSAD during this time will be a display of risograph prints by young Irish female artists, made during pilot training sessions conceived of and organised by LSAD and Limerick Printmakers, co-ordinated by Jess Tobin and co-produced with Women in Film and Television, Finland.

Both exhibitions are free to the public, as is a comprehensive exhibition catalogue. Special unique Craft Kits will also be available to the first 1,000 visitors to the exhibitions. These kits can be picked up at the exhibition and completed at home. Once completed they can be dropped back to LSAD to be finalised as risographs prints and taken home as a keepsake of the exhibition. The craft kit is aimed at children and young adults but all are welcome to participate.

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