Mapping the Collection

Thursday 23rd April - Saturday 22nd August
  • Mapping the Collection - European Expo 2020
  • Mapping the Collection - European Expo 2020

Mapping the Collection is the title of the annual Limerick School of Art & Design 2nd Year Painting exhibition whereby the students will engage with the European context of European Expo 2020 in how they create their artworks for exhibition in the Hunt Museum.

The students will engage with the idea of identity, belonging and European personality. As part of this show a series of wood/perspex maps will be displayed in the museum which will relate to the European origin of the artefacts and paintings. This will aim to provide the public with a cultural map and will focus attention on the wider European influence of art and design on Ireland and the Hunt Museum.

This exhibition will open at the same time as the EIB collection and will have a series of talks and seminars that will explore the interconnectedness of both shows and ideas relating to European identity.  

Limerick City
The Hunt Museum
The Hunt Museum, Custom House, Rutland Street, Limerick City