Exhibition: Sediment

Friday 6th September - Sunday 17th November
  • Sediment

Mariele Neudecker was born in Germany and studied art in Germany, Ireland and the UK. She now lives in Bristol. This is her first major solo show in an Irish cultural institution and will include works from the recent past as well as a new commission, made especially for the exhibition in Limerick City Gallery of Art.

For Sediment at Limerick City Gallery of Art, Neudecker will present some key-pieces taking the visitors through various strands of her practice. This ranges from early map works, the “Plastic Vanitas” Still Life series, Deep-Sea and Arctic projects, including a new tank work specially commissioned for the exhibition.

There will also be the currently developing piece, filmed at CERN, looking at the “technological landscape” in their Anti-matter experiments and Data storage. Harking back to the motifs, themes and aesthetics of Romanticism and the Sublime, her series of tank works contains sculptures of the natural world both nourished and mummified by the liquids in which they are preserved.

In promoting her enquiry into the relationship between the actual and the mediated, she develops a 21st century appreciation for a persistent fascination with the natural world.

*Preview 5th September. 

Limerick City
Limerick City Gallery of Art
Limerick City Gallery of Art, Carnegie Building, Pery Square, Limerick
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