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Book a Blood test. We provide a blood collection service to patients who need urgent or routine blood tests requested by their own GPs, consultants, attending clinic or hospital.

Get a blood test fast.

Our aim is to help GP's surgeries and clinics which are under severe pressure and of course for patients waiting for weeks to get a blood test appointment. We understand that waiting for a test results can be worrying and creates anxiety.

Limerick Phlebotomy Service is here to solve that problem for you. We will book you in to get your bloods taken as soon as we can so you will get your results and get a treatment you might need or just for your peace of mind. We work in conjunction with GPs in Limerick so it doesn't matter which GP you registered with.

All we need from you is a request form or a written blood request test from your own GP or consultant and you can call or email us for an appointment that is suitable for you.

Our first appointment is 8:00 (Mon-Friday) so this will facilitate our patients who need an early appointment and the last appointment is 12.30.

****Your blood specimen will be sent to the lab for testing and the results will be sent directly to your own GP or consultant who requested the test for you.*****

Limerick City

Limerick Phlebotomy service Unit 48, Tait's Business Centre, Dominic St., Limerick

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Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm

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