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The Children’s Grief Centre is a free support service for children and young people aged 4 to 18 years who have experienced a loss through bereavement, separation or divorce.

Bereavement One-to-One Support:

We offer children and young people who have experienced a bereavement a ‘listening space’, we can help children feel heard. Through talking, they are able to better understand the situation and learn that others share similar experiences. Through the one-to-one sessions, a bereaved child can start to accept their feelings as normal, can verbalise and address their fears and find a new sense of safety in the world. The Children’s Grief Centre is here to walk the journey with your child. We provide support, care and an open ear to hear their story.

Separation and Divorce One-to-One Support:

When parents separate, it can be difficult for children to believe that the situation is permanent. They often wish that their parents may re-unite and may spend time thinking about how they can facilitate this. This means the loss is not made real, delaying healthy mourning. If there are conflicts in the home, a child may not feel it is ‘ok’ to grieve the parent, sometimes children feel that they are somehow to blame for the break-up. At our sessions, children are able to talk freely and openly about these feelings – in a safe environment, without fear of being judged or having to ‘take sides’.

Community Education:

We arrange talks and workshops for people and professionals who specifically address the issues of grief and loss in their work with children and young people.

Education programme for primary school teachers:

We provide an education programme for primary school teachers in the mid-west region, helping them to assist children who are coping with the loss of a loved one through death or separation/divorce.

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