'Visible Reminders of Invisible Light’ exhibition

  • Visible reminders of invisible light exhibition at the Hunt Museum

The Hunt Museum and Limerick Museum are delighted to be working collaboratively with the Diocese of Limerick on Visible Reminders of Invisible Light, an exhibition that weaves together many strands of creativity around the theme of family and celebrates Limerick’s long tradition in visual culture.

An invitation to 17 contemporary artists to create new works in response to both historic collections has resulted in the creation of a rich and eclectic exhibition. Matisse once said that “Creativity takes courage” and these artists responses have produced unexpected insight which serve to demonstrate the rich and re-imagined wealth in both of these collections and call us to value the heritage of family through the generations. Displaying these works side by side with historical works creates a series of challenges and exciting juxtaposition.

Covering a variety of subjects, the artworks celebrate the heritage of Limerick as represented by its sport and its industries, including lace making and flour milling. They also cherish the idea of family as safe harbour, linking people together with a strong sense of place. Other themes include: the place of woman in society, which is strikingly addressed by a number of the artists: from a reflection on Mary; to meditation on the earth as feminine; to consideration of the place of women in family and society; and poignantly, the theme of loss and death is put before us.

Bishop Leahy who will open the exhibition comments: "Our openness to the divine is explicitly addressed in some of the works. But, I’d like to think it is present throughout. All the works are themselves a reminder that the ‘Invisible’ can become visible. I am mindful of something Simone Weil wrote many years ago: ‘In everything which gives us the pure authentic feeling of beauty there really is the presence of God." 

"What excites me particularly about this project is that the artists have placed themselves in relationship with others - others who speak to them from the past through artworks from the Museums but also with others who are awaiting a word of re-interpretation or new meaning from them in the present. They do us a great service in re-awakening encounter with the theme of family from a variety of angles across generations." 

A series of education events are being scheduled to compliment and explain the exhibition. The first will be three of the artists in conversation at 1pm on Thursday 14th February .

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